Keith ‘Spuky B’ Antonio

Latwell Nyangu, H-Metro Reporter

Zimdancehall chanter Keith ‘Spuky B’ Antonio won US$10 000 during a stiff competition across African countries courtesy of Sasai African and talented competition.

The competition was created for Africans to express themselves, showcase their talent, and share their unique abilities with the rest of the world.

The talent show promotion, which seeks to identify and support talent across the continent, saw Spuky B emerging the winner.



“I emerged the winner, with a song Ndinoyera in the music category.

“I am feeling successful and recognised which means I am going to improve on everything I am going to produce.


“It’s a break through as people want to know who I am in the music industry. This means I will have more followers will come along the way.


“On the same day I released a song, Zvibhakera zvenhamo which is part of my forthcoming EP, Hodzeko expected early next year,” he said.


The form 6 student from Washington Hills High said he won courtesy of his fans who supported him all the way.



“Many thanks go to the fans who rallied behind me and emerging as the winner across Africa is a big break through.


“I got most likes on the post and it helped me a lot.


“I sing about real life situations, social commentary and I have collaborated with Seh Calaz and Jah Master.


“To date I have four official videos and I perform locally.”


The 20 year-old says he is inspired by Winky D, thus sing the same.



“I am inspired by Winky D and at times I express my love for his music through singing.”


His manager, Ranganai Tagwirei added:


“He is a fan of Winky D, some dress like Winky, some keep locks and some can sing just to express their love for him.


“But Spuky B’s strength is singing and at sometimes he doesn’t realise that he is imitating, and they use same producer with Winky.


“But above all he is inspired by Winky.”


His journey beckons to 2014 when he was in grade 6 and used to sing at school.


“My parents, started to support me and I made sure I record a lot of tracks up to date.


“I have two single collection, Chimbinditeerera (2015), Anyway (2016) and my first album Spucky Ndini ini was in 2017.


“Songs like Hondo yaHtler, No Justice, Tayenda-bilateral, Party Father, Miss Mt Pleasant and


Tapinda Summer have helped me to be known,” he added.


Sasai is a uniquely African, all-in-one super App with chat, payments and digital marketplace features. Although it was developed primarily for Africa by Africans, the App – which can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store – is being used in over 180 countries across the world.


Under the #African&Talented campaign, contestants create their own content and post it on Sasai Moments. In addition, content creators invite their friends and family to like their content as a way of voting for them.