Female manager challenges men

Queen Veelano

Entertainment Reporter

MUSIC manager Vimbai “Queen Veelano” Muderedzi says she wants to show the world that women can also compete with male managers after she recently assumed the managerial role for a Zimdancehall chanter.

Queen Veeelano, who is now the manager of a Chitungwiza based Zimdancehall chanter – Champz Mativi, said she wants to use this opportunity to inspire the girl child to believe in herself.

Champz Mativi and Topidho School Dog


“As you know people have a tendency to despise and set limits for women in certain fields that are said to be for men.


“I am here to do something right for an artiste and make the women know that we belong in this business too.

“Taking such steps will inspire other girls to also have the courage to take challenges that are meant to be traditionally for men,” said Veelano.


Veelano said she is aiming international recognition with her client Champz Mativi.


“What I really need to achieve is an international recognition. I need to reach greater heights with Champz Mativi and Topidho, The School Dog.



“The art is clear that we want everyone to know the value of education,” she said.


“We are going to make an EP called Osofio In London and we are expecting to include an international act on the EP,” she added.


She also revealed that she was charmed by Champz Mativi and decided to work with him.


“I have been following this young chanter. He is talented. I hope with my expertise I will try to make sure I work with him to reach another stage in his musical career.


“He has passion for music and I was drawn by his peculiar art with his school dog Topidho in uniform,” she added.



Queen Veelano has therefore said they have released Topidho Riddim produced by Lehwaz of Sludem Recordz.


“There is a rent project we have released. A riddim called Topidho dedicated to Champz Mativi’s school dog.


“The riddim features Champz Mativi, Lady Squanda, Hwindi President, Jah Master, Ryder Marcus, Eyetal Fire and others,” she said.