Killer T invades Bindura

Killer T and Kangara (left)

Entertainment Reporter

Zimdancehall sensation Killer T has stretched his wings to Bindura where he is expected to build a strong fan base in the Mashonaland Central town.

On Sunday he toured most parts of the area where he familiarised with his fans.

The development comes after entrepreneur and music promoter Darlington Kangara invited him in the look for business opportunities.



Darlington, 25 promised to financially support the chanter who is expected to drop an album during the first quarter of the year.


Killer T’s, handler Kudzai ‘Supa’ Biston confirmed the development.


“Killer-T went to Bindura to see Kangara and it’s a relationship which is starting.


“We are looking forward to work with him and it’s a boost to us,” he said.


Through the sponsorship of Kangara Gold Buyers, which is the subsidiary company of Kangara Global Investments, Killer-T managed to tour Bindura mixing and mingling with fans.



In another interview, Darlington pledged to sponsor Killer-T’s studio time and also to chip on the video shoots.


“We had a good time with Killer T and we managed to tour Bindura where he met fans.


“We are expecting him back again on the New Year’s Eve where he will be entertaining people at Couch House Inn.


“I am pledging to support him financially and socially so that he can realise his goals.


“He is a talented musician and his songs shape the society,” he said.



He added:


“From the discussion we had I also offered to sponsor his studio when he records a new album which is expected to hit the market in February (2021).


“I will also help him with video shooting so that the audios will be complemented.”


Darlington also said it’s his wish to market Zimbabwe music and also culture.


“It’s no doubt music shapes the society so it’s wise to support musicians so that they produce music which is not harmful.


“I have been listening to Killer-T and his songs educate as well as entertain at the same time.


“I am also supporting artistes because they are our ambassadors when they go out for shows.


“They will be also marketing our culture and even our languages.”


Several musicians from all the genres have benefited from Kangara’s generosity among them are Mathias Mhere, Kudzi Nyakudya, Tocky Vibes and Lasper.