Models battle for Miss Solomons lifestyle title

Some of Miss Solomons Lifestyle Cafe contestants


Latwell Nyangu, H-Metro Reporter

A bevy of 12 models will battle it out at the inaugural Miss Solomons Lifestyle Café set for December 31.

The pageant which is aimed at promoting African beauty in high density suburbs is targeting girls between ages of 18 to 25.



Winner of the show will walk away US$500 richer.

In an interview, with the pageant’s spokesperson, Alexio ‘Goodchild’ Gwenzi, he said:


“As Solomons Lifestyle Cafe family, we want to bring awareness to the locations that we have plenty of beautiful African sisters.


“We want to celebrate the uncelebrated class of women in our midst that is why our criteria is different to the normal Miss Zimbabwe or Miss World contestants.


“This is not about the ability to model but just having beauty with brains in the African perspective.



“People in these areas are our target customers and charity begins at home thus we thought of having this contest of Harare giants this year.”


Goodchild said the pageant is for the mean time targeting the Hararians.


“We want all people around Harare Metropolitan to be part of this event and also our people will have the opportunity to experience our hospitality and should come in big numbers afterwards.


“It’s also an outreach awareness exercise that is here for these communities to enjoy life together.


“We should celebrate life thus as such management, we thought this is one way to do it.



“At the end we will have winners who will become our brand ambassadors for the next 12 months,” he added.


Every contestant will be awarded.


“Top three winners from each area will do the finals on the day of the competition and each top winner will be paid US$100.


“On the finals, the queen gets US$500, First princess, US$400 and second princess US$300 respectively.


Selection of the finalists began on December 24, in locations like Glen View, Budiriro, Waterfalls, Mufakose, Kambuzuma, Highfield, Glen Norah among other locations.