Beautician living her dream

Chido ‘Chichi” Zhira

H-Metro Reporter

BEAUTICIAN Chido ‘Chichi” Zhira says she is living her dream after holding a successful seminar on beauty products at the weekend.

Zhira, who has been trending on social media with her ‘big house & small house’ video, said the seminar came as Christmas gift to her customers.

She told H-Metro that it has been always her dream growing up to venture into beauty products.



Zhira has since launched her company – Chichi’s Beauty Products – which offers skin care products, makeup and clothing.


“This has been always my dream growing up. So having this company and holding a seminar is a dream come true for me.


“I had a seminar last Saturday and I gave away a number of products to a number of customers as an appreciation to their support,” said Zhira.


Zhira said the seminar was meant to educate people on the importance of beauty products as well unveiling some the products her company offers.


“We offer a variety of beauty products among them skin care, make up and clothing. There is a misconception on some of the beauty products.



“So the seminar also came as a way of educating the public why is it important to use beauty products,” she said.


The 27-year-old married woman said it is her wish to see the young generation venturing into business to empower themselves.


She also talked about her video trending on social media saying there is a misconception over the clip and her behavior.


“On the small house, big house and ben 10 video, I was just highlighting some of the realities in our societies and that does not mirror or reflect how I lead my life.


“What I want is for the new generation to take over is different businesses. The seminar we had at Longcheng Plaza at the weekend was an eye opener to those who managed to attend.



“We encouraged people to work hard, also women not to depend on men always,” she said.