Nothing to celebrate in modelling industry

Hilda Mabu

Arts Reporter
The local modelling industry is at sixes and sevens.

There is still nothing to celebrate in the industry because nothing worth talking about has happened this year.

There industry seems to have reached a dead end with no prospects of rising back to life again..

While the Covid-19 pandemic hit hard, the industry has failed to adapt to the new normal and has done nothing since the lockdown was imposed.

Before the global pandemic hit the nation, the industry had laid out plans for the year.


But it still remains a mystery if reigning Miss Zimbabwe World Belinda Potts will ever handover the crown after two years at the helm.

Potts was crowned in 2018 at the age of 21.

She is still young and given a chance, can have a go at another international pageant. But since she was handed the prestigious crown, nothing of note has materialised during her reign.

The pageant has literary gone to the dogs and Potts is now being abused by still remaining the queen.

Some how she might still be benefiting from the privileges associated with the crown, but for how long?

Isn’t it time she should be set free and be allowed focused on some other projects.?

The absence of international beauty contests remains a mystery. With such talented and beautiful girls in the country, who is to blame for not hosting such a pageant?

Modelling in other countries is used as a vehicle to promote tourism and helps develop the economy, yet here in Zimbabwe it is treated like a pre-school game.

Some winners go for months without receiving their prizes at all, while some businessmen, modelling agency owners and promoters abuse the contestants.

There is also the issue of confusion and competition in the modelling industry.


Should we say we have failed this year, or will the relevant authorities will up their game next year?

A survey by The Herald Arts, revealed that we have several modelling pageants, some bogus and some genuine. The pageants have birthed about 10 beauty queens, but none of them have been visible since the lockdown was imposed.

This was the time to embrace the virtual platform,and conduct grooming and deportment lessons.

Let us not talk of charity projects which were held this year.

There was nothing at all.

Some new kid in the industry, 24/7 Entertainment, decided to revive the ramp as they hosted the Zimbabwe Miss Tourism pageant, which somehow had a similar name with the current Miss Tourism Zimbabwe.

Well, at least they managed to host the pageant and the winner Sakhile Dube is set to represent the country in China in a weeks’ time.

At least the year will not end on a barren patch.

Last Sunday some models were rewarded for their efforts at the Zim Model Awards courtesy of Mercy Mushaninga.

The good thing about the industry is that men are also getting an opportunity to showcase their talent.


Gone are the days when it was considered weird for men to walk down the ramp and take modelling as a career.