Lee Gore

TREVOR Dongo has expressed his passion for unearthing new talent and believes he can do for Zimbabwean music what other icons like P.Diddy have done in America.

In an interview with H-Metro, the Ndashamisika hit-maker said he has been featuring on a lot of projects with relatively unknown artistes in a bid to unveil new talent that he has discovered directly.

JXB and Estelle


Working as the artistic and repertoire (A&R) manager at Eternity Productions, Dongo has been scouting for new talent in order to expand the music industry in Zimbabwe and to ensure the current generation can impart and pave way for the next one.

“We build an industry by lifting each other up and I have a passion for lifting up other artistes,” said Dongo.

Dongo said he has been working with producer MacDee to produce a song for the new talent which includes writing the song and a sponsored video targeting the main stream media as a jump start to their career.

Itslawd Jae

Some of the artistes that have benefited from this system include Itslawd Jae on a song titled Chimera, Feli Nandi on Mufudzi Wemombe, Estelle featuring JXB on Mhenya Yemwana and Fortunate Siziba on Zvipo.

It however remains to be seen if all the potential can be fulfilled but for now it is the words of Dongo.

“Watch me! Watch this space! I am going to be the P. Diddy of Zimbabwe!,” added Dongo.