Blood Sisters changing members’ lives

Blood Sisters

Shelly Guni, Entertainment Reporter

AN ALL-FEMALE outfit, which started off as a WhatsApp group, has been hailed for empowering its members beyond fellowship.

Dubbed Blood Sisters, the 200-member group founder Nomsa Zhawi said despite the fact that social media introduces many ills in the society but on the other hand, it has created a powerful space for opportunities that could not be imagined 20 years back.

Recently, the members met at a local resort where they exchanged Christmas gifts.



“Blood Sisters is a group of ladies which came together through social media. We have grown to love, cherish and lift each other up,” Zhawi told H-Metro.


She added that they have also used the platform to help each other in other social aspects of life.


“We comfort each other in times of grieving and sickness. Our relationship is not defined by DNA but by love.


“Our aim is to grow and empower each other to build better homes and better communities.


“We are also working on making a difference in our communities and the underprivileged.”



Zhawi believes it’s very rare to see women helping each other so they are trying to break that chain and proves that women can truly help each.


The group has managed to help three numbers of their members with capital to start up some businesses so as to help their families.


“We are saying Blood Sisters because in this world it’s no longer sister’s keeper thing women are becoming devils for each other our mission is to bring change to the next generation looking to another women as to Blood sisters, feel for another women, love and raise another women not pulling down each other,” she said.