Businessman splashes US$2K on Mhere album

Entertainment Reporter

BINDURA based entrepreneur Darlington Kangara emerged as the highest bidder when he bought Mathias Mhere’s latest CD for US$2000 at a launch event on Sunday.

Darlington, son to Kudzanai Kangara of Kangara Gold Buyers, said his connection with musicians comes after that of his father.

And to show his genuine appreciation for Mhere’s music, the 25-year-old emerged as the highest bidder during the launch.

In an interview, Darlington Kangara said its part of his social responsibility to support musicians and other people who are in need.


“By supporting gospel music in a way I will be preaching the gospel.

“I understand everyone was affected by Covid-19 and I have decided to buy the CD (titled Talitakumi) with a respectable amount so that he can get something before being affected by piracy.

“Piracy is a cancer which cannot be cured so launches like this is the time for artistes to reap what they have sowed,” he said.

Darlington said he has been following Mhere since his first project.

“I am strong gospel fan and have been following Mathias Mhere since his beginning.

“I am pledging full support for him as he continues to be a force to reckon in the music industry,” he said.

After his gesture on stage, Darlington was mobbed by a gang of street urchins who also got a few dollars off his charities.

The businessman has also featured on the accompanying video of the song Adam and Eve with fleet of expensive cars which include a Maclaren and a G Wagon among others.

“I have featured on the video and I have provided cars to spice up the video which I believe will win hearts of many.


“In a way I am motivating my fellow youths to work hard so that they can achieve their goals also,” he said.

Mhere hailed Darlington for his support.

“I am happy that fellow young people are supporting my music financially.

“Darlington’s support will go a long way to support in marketing the new album,” he said.

The launch was graced by a number of gospel artistes including Nicholas Chirunga, Tinashe Magacha and Gift Mahlupheka among others.

Talitha Kumi, Mhere featured Killer T on the song Svitsa and Blessing Shumba on the song-Driver Wehupenyu.