Nox and Master KG

Edwin Nhukarume, Entertainment Reporter

MUSICIAN Nox Guni’s relationship with South African popular musician Master KG has grown since the release of My Melody as the former is featuring on two tracks of the latter’s new project titled Jerusalema (Deluxe).

Nox and Master KG started with their first collaboration on the track called My Melody which was well received regionally, and they have once again did two songs together on Jerusalem (Deluxe) album which is set to be released on December 18.

He will feature together with Tyfah, on tracks titled Kure Kure and Mufara.



Nox said he is pleased to be part of the project of the most popular artiste in Africa, and he hopes that the collaborations will open doors for international recognition.


“It feels great to be on Master KGs deluxe album because he is the most talked about artiste from Africa as of this year if not the world.

“He has got global attention and for me to be featuring on two songs on his album it means a lot. All the other tracks have been released before on the Jerusalema album.

“This one was a deluxe, he just added a few more tracks and I am happy to have added two that I wrote myself. Its an honour for me,” said Nox.


“It means a lot, and I think it means a lot to Zimbabwe as well.

“I am hoping that the attention that he has will also spill over to me and pave the the way for my international breakthrough as well,” he added.



Nox has revealed that him and Master KG are now very good friends since their relationship transformed from only being a business partnership to friendship.


He also said his friendship with Master KG has increased his network musically.


“With Master KG it started as a business relationship when we wanted to do My Melody. It was strictly business.

“But we really got connected, we clicked big time to an extent that we ended up doing more tracks than what we initially wanted to do and paid for.
“And we are still doing more. It has opened up many doors for me as I am now in very good relations with everyone who is the Open Mic Stable from Makhadzi, Nomcebo and others,” he told H-Metro.


Nox said he is hoping the tracks he featured on Jerusalema Deluxe album will be successful.


“From the songs that I featured, I just hope and pray they can also do well just as much as what Jerusalema did.


“If that happens that will be like success on a silverplate, not having to do much to make sure I get my name out there.

“Those in the stable are the ones that are going to market the project. I hope we can surpass the Jerusalema level,” he said.


Meanwhile, Nox was on Saturday awarded an accolade of Zimbabwe Achievers Recognition Award for the contribution he has made to the music industry.