JUST IN: Mukoma Panga on GBV drive

Mukoma Panga

Arts Reporter

In line with the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence, legal practitioner cum sungura musician Panganayi Hare, affectionately known as Mukoma Panga, has released a musical video on the subject titled “Chibhakera”.

The video features comedian Kapfupi and his wife Mai Nga, depicting some of the domestic violence which happens in the community and how it affects the children.

“Chibhakera” was shot by Slimaz Production and recorded by Jabulani Ndlovu.

In an interview, Mukoma Panga said the video was part of his forth-coming album, “Pfimbi YeGudo”, but he decided to drop it prior to the launch.


“We are in the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence and I decided to release the video “Chibhakera”, which talks about the particular subject,” he said.

“The song was inspired by societal settings. This is the right time, though the video serves by being both a promotional for the forth-coming album and an awareness song on the campaign against GBV. We shot the video at two locations, Epworth and Margolis Resort Centre.”

Mukoma Panga said the video was yet to be played on national television, but was already uploaded on social media.

“I am releasing my second album in January which has songs like “Chibhakera”, “Dai Ndaigona”, “Kuchera Tsime” and “Uriwangu”, he said. “The video will be on ZBCTV soon, I am told.

“Because of the Covid-19 global pandemic, we have decided to go with the route of embracing the digital platforms. I have been promoting my works on social media and now with GBV campaigns running, as musicians we should take the lead in such since we are regarded as role models.”

Asked how he balances music and work, Mukoma Panga said he dedicates his time more to work and music was like a calling for him.

“Music is my passion,” he said. “I am a sungura reformer because I want to bring that executive look on the genre. Most people think that sungura is for the down low class, but I am here to change the notion.”