Of Dynamos’ new kit, power suits

Make a statement with your colourful suit this season

Tafadzwa Zimoyo
Fashion 263

What a day it was yesterday during the Black Friday sales!

Some shops had a wider selection of discounted prices on several items.

I managed to get a nice briefcase from one local shop.

I loved the briefcase, but it was too expensive — I now have one, thanks to Black Friday.


The week was full of surprises when it comes to fashion. Local soccer giant team Dynamos unveiled their new kit for 2021 and they painted the town blue.

It looks like they are going in the right direction. Not only did they unveil the soccer jersey kit, but the administration department had a new look, matching shirts.

The only problem came on the marketing strategy where they should have used a model wearing the new kit.

Looking at images of the unveiling ceremony circulating on social media, it seems the Dynamos administration did not do justice to marketing the new kit.

It looked like an ordinary soccer jersey, hurriedly picked up by someone who does not know how to kick the ball.

Fashion is an art, no wonder why when designers want to launch something they make use of professional models.

Again, the week saw the holding of the 24th edition of the South African Style Awards which has become synonymous with glitz and glamour.

For locals, including other parts of Africa and many other fashionistas, this was the moment everyone was waiting for.

“Wish Zimbabwe could have its own Style awards show,” said fashion blogger Hollywood Lee.

“I think this is the right time because we have not only embraced the fashion culture, but now fully understand it.


“With the talent around, we can even make international designers green with envy.”

Well, one thing I salute South Africa on this award show is that it celebrated their local talents with a flair for fashion.

Someone said that in truth, these awards are not so much about style but about popularity.

Awards founder member Jillian Grogor said; “Style is knowing who you are, what you want, and possessing the passion and flair to make it possible.”

Zimbabwe was represented at the show by Nadia Nakai who was dressed very well.

Yes, Nakai, who is half South African and half Zimbabwean, wore a white ultimate evening gown by celebrity favourite, designer Gert-Johan  Coetzee.

The asymmetric dress fitted Nakai to perfection and the blue ombre effect was a nice and a nod to the night’s Denim Couture theme.

“The huge slit from shoulder-to-toe was our favourite moment, but sadly, no matter how lovely she looked, this outfit is nothing new,” said Ricci-Lee Kalish.

Back to the wardrobe, now the festive season is approaching and obviously the green and red colour theme will dominate.

My favourite pick for this week is the bright pop-up suits.


It can be a power suit for the ladies, while the gentlemen can go for double breasted suits.

You just need to make a statement from the office to drinking with your friends in a bright suit.

The tricky part is these pops of colour brighten everyone’s day and elevate your wardrobe instantly.

Rather than going for traditional shades, try your hand at something loud, such as blue or red.

Even African print can do well. You can also find a hue that best suits your skin tone and rock it in its entirety.

Add accessories like a bold clutch bag and a pair of funky heels. It is a versatile option that allows you to stand-out amongst the crowd.