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Mzoe7 opens up on cosy fashion outfits

AFRO-POP singer and dancer Mzoe7, real name Mzobanzi Mlauzi’s fashion sense is as bold and attention-grabbing as his lyrics.Mzoe7, who choreographed for the RoilBAA and the Skyz Metro awards, believes the eye-catching fusion of bright colours in his apparel is his way of lighting up his present and future.


The Asambeni hitmaker has a bubbly character as his dress sense.Mzoe7 said his fashion style started when he was in primary school and most people then didn’t understand him, but now they do.

“My fashion sense started during my school days and I was one of the smartest and stylish students. I grew up with it and it’s wise to dress up as a man. People love my style because I have put swag to it,” he said.

“I am now a fashion consultant, stylist and I love fashion so much. I want to show creativity through it.”Mzoe7 said fashion runs in his family genes.


“My father used to be a tailor, fashion designer and worked at Bhikha among other places, making designer suits and was doing this also in Malawi where we come from,” he said.
Mzoe7 believes his colourful dressing makes him a winner every time and inspires him to create lyrical masterpieces from thin air.

“I have praised the Fashion Maradona even in my music on Asambeni the line goes like … Fashion Maradona Diago … Then I bring the lyrics again on Qholoza where I am featured in Sandra Ndebele-Sibindi’s new track. The lyrics go like … Lingbize ngo Okocha, Fashion Maradona ngzoklimaza …”

Known for also stomping yard and setting tongues wagging during his performances, Mzoe7 said he loves bright colours and has always praised “Fashion Maradona” in his music.

“I am Lomwe, we are bright, we are joyful, and we love spreading love that is why you always see me in bright colours. I never had an easy upbringing, but now I light my present and future up with different colours,” he said.

The singer said he is being dressed by Klobber Fusion as they understand his fashion taste and always get him unique stuff.

“In my music videos I also make sure I bring out a different look always and award-nominated Puzzlemoment Pictures has also helped me establish the Fashion Maradona trademark. They have captured the best moments in high quality and it gets a lot of good feedback,” he said.

The singer is the last in a family of seven and that is where he drives his moniker Mzoe.