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Of vests, waistcoats this summer

Tafadzwa Zimoyo Fashion 263
Now we are actually in summer, not that we have not been there before but the heat, fashion statement and definitely the Jacarandas blooming signifying September — October fever.

This is now the perfect time for swimming.

There are some restrictions on gathering and hosting a picnic or barbecue with your friends because of the global pandemic, but that does not stop you from following trends.

Walking in the CBD, it is difficult to pass by a lady wearing a tank-top or a young lad wearing the same.

Yes, we are in the Vin Diesel —Fast and the Furious era or should I say, Angelina Jolie’s Tomb Raider.


Vest or tank tops as the younger generation would love to call them have age restriction.

I know fashion is for everyone, but for tank tops if you are male unless you work in a gym or a bodybuilder you can get away with it.

If not, keep your vest inside the shirt to work or church.

Why not switch your wardrobe basics from a t-shirt to tank tops.

The trendy tank tops are a must-have piece to have in your closet.

There are many awesome street style ways to wear a muscle tank — tank top.

Some would want to pair with anything they prefer, starting from shorts, jeans to semi-formal trousers and maxi skirts.

Another great Do-it-yourself (DIY) tank is embellished with neon green bow at the back as you can pair it with mini white shorts.

“If you want a more elegant look, then try on pale blue, lightweight top with pale lime green slim-fit jeans”, says FashionGum.

Other ladies would want to pair the tops with bebe dresses, stilettos shoes or even yellow, red, green tights.


For a tank top to look cool it must be white.

One thing I like about those tank tops is that they are suitable for all body types, just pick your size and you’re good to go, like Rihhana or Ciara in the streets.

For gentlemen, today we put on the waistcoat.

I know it’s summer but that does not give you a go ahead to wear one without anything inside.

In fact a waistcoat is supposed to complete your attire.

Young men are now wearing vests but while growing up a vest is a garment usually associated more with older, dignified gentlemen of means, so for the time being it’s an eye-catching look as well as an increasingly popular one.

Back to waistcoats, men should know that a well-fitted waistcoat should be long enough in the front to cover the man’s waist — hence ‘waistcoat’.

The shoulders of the waistcoat should always lie flat against your body and below any collar points.

If you are wearing the waistcoat with a suit, make sure the V-shape of the waistcoat should be narrower enough that the suit lapels don’t hide it entirely.

For occasion, the waistcoats are usually backless, fastened with an adjustable strap unless custom made.


They also have lapels, which makes the waistcoat more formal, and is made from in the same grosgrain found on the black tie jacket.

If you choose to wear a coloured waistcoat, it should be the only coloured piece in the ensemble-outfit.

Three-piece suits are a great option for a man looking to add a touch of formality.

Be guided that your waistcoat should usually match your suit, and should always be worn with a necktie. An open collar is too informal for a full three-piece suit.

A suit with an unmatched waistcoat is a rare and more casual look, rarely seen nowadays.

I know some would want to experiment with the style, be aware that it is not business appropriate, and that it will strike most people as being a bit dated.

You can wear an unmatched waistcoat with anything from a pair of slacks to dark-fitted jeans.

A long-sleeved dress shirt is the only thing that really makes sense under one, but you can roll the sleeves up if you’re wearing it as a casual style.

The rules of wearing a waistcoat well still apply — be sure it’s long enough to cover your waist in the front!