Weutonga celebrates scars, life, rebirth

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Trust Khosa, Assistant News Editor

IN life we do plan but only God will always have a final say.

Be it surprises for our loved ones or well publicised parties with our own peers, only the Maker knows our destiny.

This aptly sums up UK based jazz diva Edith “Weutonga” Katiji’s testimony as she celebrated scars and rebirth on Tuesday via social media.

Yes, Mama Bass – as the diva is popularly known in her circles – indeed celebrated scars sustained in a horrific accident in Kadoma more than a decade ago.

The accident claimed her colleague and left the songbird with a deformed face.

And 12 years after the crash, Mama Bass is no longer shedding any tears but simply celebrating scars, rebirth and dawn of a new chapter.

With many people wondering how she got that visible scar on her face, it was sustained in a horrific road accident on her way to Bulawayo for a surprise party for her mother.

“I was not born with that visible scar on my face and I know many might be wondering how I got them.

“Some might think it was through domestic violence but that is not true.

“However, I have decided to celebrate them on the 28th of July this year, the same day the accident occurred in Kadoma on my way to Bulawayo,” she said.

Mama Bass, who vividly remembers the day, said she managed to survive by the grace of the God after being trapped in the car wreckage for hours without assistance.

“When I reflect on the 28th of July, I see the rebirth of Weutonga and the grace of God.

“It was in 2008 when things were tough since I was trapped in the car wreckage in Kadoma and I lost a colleague I had just hooked up with on that day.

“I had travelled at night with a colleague called Getrude who died on the spot and 12 years later, I still celebrate the rebirth of Weutonga, which means the first light of the day.

“I saw this light of the day on my hospital bed which means a rebirth in my life,” she said.

Mama Bass said her condition gave her family and friends a scare when she was transferred to Harare at a time when hospitals had no drugs.

“I would be transferred from Harare Hospital to Pari and the vice versa as doctors said they could not attend to me.

“I later got help at Pari but my face had been deemed asymmetrical.

“In my case, many people never believed my face would be fine but I later got help and with time I healed but the scars is there for a while,” he said.


Weutonga said she only consoled herself after she realised that she was pregnant at the same time she was hospitalised.

“I didn’t know that I was pregnant and I only realised that while on my hospital bed.

“The good news of me being pregnant helped me to heal fast and I was relieved in a big way.

“I am just asking myself what could have happened had I lost my life in that accident when I was also pregnant.”


Despite the accident, Mama Bass said the accident gave her a lesson.

“The biggest lesson I learned from the accident is that we can plan whatever we want but only God will have a final say.

“In my case, I wanted to surprise my mother but the journey could not continue as a result.

“In my career, I have decided to record timeless stuff after getting a second chance in life.

“This rebirth means a lot to me  and I will always celebrate the scars on my face which mean a lot to me,” she said.


Below full statement Edith “Weutonga” Katiji send on her social media handles:

It’s been 12 years…..today I celebrate a rebirth!

The accident happened around 9pm, yet we only got assisted out of the car and to hospital three hours later.

Later I was to find out that the fire brigade and emergency services were tossing the call amongst themselves.

Kwekwe said they had no water, Gweru said hatina fuel and Kadoma just didn’t have both. When they eventually arrived, lives that could have been saved were lost.

The hospital in Kadoma where I was initially admitted did not have gloves, needles or threads.

I came to around 0100 and gave them contacts in Kadoma and Harare before I slipped away for two weeks

….One of the contacts was my uncle, who went on to knock on a friends door in the wee hrs to get him to open his pharmacy and supply threads, needles, some meds and gloves.

Today I celebrate life, scars and all.

My heart sinks for those who have lost lives in the last few days because like 12 yrs ago, responsibility is being tossed left, right and centre while lives are being lost……#dzimbahwe