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Latwell Nyangu, H-Metro Reporter

An all-female four-member gospel group, Breeze, has vowed to change the lives of people through preaching the gospel.

The female led group also aims at helping the girl child be recognised.

The group’s music director, Melody Mandisodza-Muvuti said the group started with three ladies who were friends.

“We started as three ladies who enjoyed the harmony we produced whilst singing a hymn in church and that gave birth to the group in 2007.

“What keeps us in check is our vision and mission which is ever before us. We will not let personal differences get in the way of progress and the bigger picture, we talk things out and move on.

“It has brought to our attention the urgency to spread the news of Jesus’ power to save and His soon coming return.

“The music inspires a change in lifestyle and spiritual walk, it uplifts us individually and it has made us more aware of our duty to be exemplary and to use our influence responsibly.

“The more people listen to and love your music, the more they study your lifestyles and the more they are ready to copy you,” she said.

The group is inspired by the Christian background.

“We are Christians who wish to share our faith and the passion we have for the Lord and attract others to Christ.

“Our desire is to tell the world who God is in our lives and we are inspired by our experiences and what we have observed in life and in the lives of others and society.

“We are also inspired by other music writers as well as trying to enunciate our own style and creativity,” she added.

The group consists of the married and ladies only.

“We have some married children in the group and we have made Breeze Music a full time job as we spend the week running Breeze administration, collaborations, performances and we save most weekends for our family time.

“It’s unique, it was like that from the beginning; the discovery of our abilities was between ladies and we started building on it and have never felt the need to incorporate male voices.

“However, we have worked with male voices and choirs on some songs and continue to do so as and when the desire arises.”

The group said, they have a myriad of performances.

“Over the years we have performed locally in Harare and Bulawayo; regionally in South Africa and internationally in the UK.

“We have held a recital locally at the Monomotapa hotel to fundraise for the MultiHelp Trust which takes care of widows and orphans.

“We have maintained a huge presence on social media and have posted several music videos on YouTube,” said Melody.

As a group they have collaborated with known musicians including Amos Mahendere, DJ Shugetta, SaMukoko and Nicholas Zachariah.

“We have taken part in National events such as The National Women’s Day of Prayer and the Z.T.A. Zim Peace March.

“We also featured on a video produced by Amos Mahendere called “The Message of Peace” which included artists like Baba Mechanic Manyeruke, Agatha, Kudzai Nyakudya, Zim Afro Family among others.

“Breeze also has special concern for the welfare of others, making visible the disenfranchised groups of people, especially the girl child. Breeze is a fundraiser for the Multi-Help Trust, which takes care of orphans and widows.”

The ladies have also faced challenges along the way.

““1 Corinthians 9:22; to the weak I became as weak, that I might gain the weak, I made ALL things to all men that I might by all means win some.

“The expenses, pressures and risks are all on the artist that is the environment which he obtained when we joined the Zimbabwe music industry.

“Being a ladies group has been a positive and a negative in that, constant road shows are very difficult as we have families to look after, but then again being ladies, it seems the world has been waiting for the next all ladies band and so the reception especially to our genre is very pleasing.”

The crew include Melody, who sings tenor; Bekezela Moyo who sings soprano, Sharon Govha who sings soprano and alto and Nyaradzo G Maphosa who sings descant and alto.