Nyasha Kada, Entertainment Reporter

Gweru based wheel-spinner, Edson “Dj Brickcity” Muchenje, has started an initiative called “Shamwari yangu” meant to help the less privileged in his city.

The top deejay has donated basic food stuffs to over 45 families in and around Gweru.

Edson “Dj Brickcity” Muchenje


He started the initiative just before before the start of the ongoing lockdown.

“I started “Shamwari Yangu” after realising that everyone who thinks of donating always targets children or old people’s homes but who is really looking after our less privileged neighbours and others in our community.

“I decided that instead let me identify individuals and families from our communities and help them before they also become a statistic too.

“This initiative is about helping people who are struggling to get by in this hard economy.

“The old age, widows, orphans and abandoned children in our communities amongst other are the ones we are trying to help.

“So many people are struggling because of this pandemic, many people have been struggling to get a plate of food or a place to sleep because they have no way of earning money.

“This idea came about when I encountered a very disheartening situation, I had just found out that one of my good friends who was blind had passed away in his home because of hunger.

“He could not get anything to eat,” said Dj Brickcity.

He added:

“Many people relied on the help they got from people or piece jobs they did but since the lockdown many have been struggling behind their closed doors.


“I have been doing this with the help of my friends Edmore Onyerwayi, Arthur Pakati and Sheperd Sekenhamo who help identify families that need help.”

Brickcity also revealed that he has also since been partnered by UK based singer Decibel.

“Decibel saw my posts on Facebook and decided to help me with groceries to give out.

“I really appreciate the support and urge others who are willing to help in any way they can to contact us.”