Bere’s DeMbare dream

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Chioniso Mashakada, Sports Reporter

Central Region Division One side Loose Control FC goalkeeper Brendon Bere says he dreams to play for Dynamos.

The goalkeeper who has been playing football for years just saw his team promoted into the Central Region Division One this year.

“I love Dynamos a lot, my dream to play for them one day.

” I’m currently playing for Loose Control newly promoted side in central region division one my wish is to play for Dynamos, once I manage that I will be living my dream.”

Bere expressed his love for the Glamor Boys saying even if he gets an opportunity to play for big teams in the world he will still choose DeMbare.

“Going overseas is like nothing to me if Dynamos calls for my services. I will only go there after playing for my dream team.

“I always wanted to be a Dynamos player from a tender age and that was my father’s wish before he passed on.

“I’m yet to conduct trials with them but I’m looking forward to do so anytime soon. I can even for free as long as I’m having a chance to play there. My target is to be at Dynamos in the next six months yes I’m looking forward to go to Dynamos next, I’m ready for the challenge.

“I can’t wait to be their number one goalie. As of now my plan is to have my current club promoted to the top league. From my own perspective being lucky is when you are presented an opportunity and you grab it with both hands and if I get an opportunity to play for DeMbare I will use it wholeheartedly, it hurts me when I see some of the players who get an opportunity to play there taking the opportunity for granted whilst I’m itching for it. I remain hopeful that one day I will wear that blue and white jersey.” he said