GREETINGS H-Metro readers and fun-loving folks…

I have been longing for this opportunity to share my story with you as a Chimurenga artiste plying his trade across in South Africa.

I reside in Tzaneen in Limpopo province where many people know me by the stage name Shapiro

While it is difficult to make a breakthrough for many artistes plying their trade in foreign lands, we are trying our best to ensure we put Zimbabwe on the world map.

In my case, I have seen quite a lot both locally and across the Limpopo where experiences have made me strong.

To find out about my vision, future plans and career in general, read on…


My real name is Shepherd Chimbare.

I was on the 9th of June 1986 to Solomon Chimbare and Locadia  Marashe who who died in 2003.

In fact, I was born in a family of five (three boys and two girls) and I am the third born.

The first born is called Luke Chimbare and he is followed by Winert Chimbare, then myself followed by Patience Chimbare.

The last born is Agrippa Chimbare.

Band members

I did my primary school at Muteve Primary then went to Mutasa Secondary school in Manicaland.

I sat for my final Ordinary Level examinations at Liebenberg High in Chivhu since we transferred as life was very tough for us.

Besides music, I’m a truck driver and I sometimes use my instruments for hire. I’m also into agriculture. I keep chicken and pigs.


As a Chimurenga artiste, my vision is to keep the Chimurenga genre up because I see a lot of people abandoning it.

Musically, I can safely say I was born an artiste.

By that I mean everywhere I heard music playing it would speak a lot in me.

I grew up having a small guitar I used to play day and night.

I saw myself as an artist before people came to tell me about it.


The fact that music is my life, I know that I don’t have to give up no matter how hard it is.

I am a hard-working man who doesn’t only rely on music, therefore my side hustles keep me strong enough to keep myself focused.

Instead of searching for sponsorship which I know is hard to get, I can support myself.

As for my role models, I love Thomas Mapfumo, Oliver Mtukudzi, Alick Macheso and Sulumani Chimbetu, then of course Jah Prayzah.

I believe in being an independent artiste, therefore I make sure I don’t borrow anyone’s equipment.

I can safely say I was inspired by Thomas Mapfumo.

It is for that reason that I would like to emulate him because his music is traditional and I also want my Zimbabwean roots to be recognised.

However, I did get Mukanya’s blessing or permission to do Chimurenga music since it is difficult to get in touch with big names when you are new in the industry.

I’m praying to get in touch with him so we can have a chat.


Growing up, I have always been a fan of Chimurenga musi guru Thomas Mapfumo.

Seeing and hearing about their stories touring all over the world made me so strong to such an extent that I always told my fellows I want to board a plane touring all around.

My friends would laugh at me as they were always laughing at me which sometimes made me angry.

I continued learning from music greats and I kept my dream alive.

  • GROWTH  

So in short, I can safely say passion for music started in the year 1998 when I was 12 years old.

My brother, Luke Chimbare is the one who showed me the way.

I continued with my dream even after I relocated to South Africa where I have settled well.

In South Africa, I had my first show in the year 2018 in Limpopo province.

My music was first played at Munghana Lonene FM located in Lompopo, then Radio Zimbabwe afterwards.

I posted a video on social media of me and my crew practicing then after a few days someone decided to give us a call because he had a function.


On whether music is my source, I would say it doesn’t benefit me a lot to focus only on music.

I have realised that one has to have other things to do besides it.

It is during such trying times of the Covid-19 era that artists who had no side hustles are struggling a lot because since there are no shows.

Music generally is a hobby.

Howeverm, music helped me to focus more on important stuff so that I set a example to the youths.


Regarding my love life, it’s a bit complicated but I have embraced it.

Currently, I’m a single parent of three children – two boys (Luke and Ashley) and a girl, Tashinga.

I love my children and they also inspire me to work hard even in music though I am not in a competition but just to entertain.


Like any other artiste, I have a financial challenges in marketing my stuff.

According to the technology which is getting better and better every day, I now do my marketing online.

It’s unfortunate that I’m not doing any shows at the moment because of the Covid-1919.

We will resume shows soon as the Covid-19 pandemic seem to be receding.

I can also do online shows which is what a number of artists are doing nowadays, if I find a platform to do it.


In the year 2018, I had a show which I got from a friend.

He advised me to bring my kit and we will pay for it but didn’t at the end.

The worst part is that I had a few people who came to support me.

A lot of people went  to the nearby stage were a popular South Africa artiste was performing.

I ended up getting cross and honestly that was my first worst show ever since.


Regarding my best show, oh yes I had a very productive show in the year 2018.

It was at GreenHouse in Phalaborwa, South Africa.

The house was very full.

At the end of the show I had a chat with Mr Lumba from Kruger National Park who I didn’t know was there. He really enjoyed a lot.


Currently, I am working on new album which is set to be released next month.

I will provide full information about it as time goes.

To date, I have one album titled Chivanhu Chedu released in 2017. It compiles of seven tracks.

As someone who started on his own from scratch, I have managed to have my own instruments and transport.

I started with just a single guitar and a keyboard which then multiplied and got me where I am today.


My manager is Tichaona Mushokori under Seke Mutema Music Stable, also known as “Tich Mushokori”.

Mr Mushokori is my hero.

A hardworking and understanding man who is always by my side.

He knows all the needs and wants of an artist. I feel very lucky and blessed to have him, “May God bless you sir!”


I strongly believe artistes can play a very important role in fighting the Covid-19 pandemic.

The fact a lot of people listen to us, this helps to create an awareness through our music.

I’m also willing to spread the Covid-19 awareness.

I’ll do anything in my power just to protect my fellow Zimbabweans and the rest of the human tribe. Together we can conquer!!

In my own capacity, the least I’m doing at the moment is just sending video clips and voice notes to my fans just encouraging them to be strong.

I really wish I could do more. For the fans around my community, I once delivered food parcels. It wasn’t much but to someone who was stranded it meant a lot.


I would like to advise my fellow Zimbabweans to have personal savings for the future.

Do not stand on one place because there are a lot of free places out there.

All in all it’s very good to plough back to the community.

I would also say be someone who appreciates the little you have!!

On a parting shot, I would like to thank God for my talent.

Secondary, I would like to thank Solomon Mutema, Mr and Mrs Maponga,Elphas Green,Patrick Sithole, Musungwa family inxuding Patience Chimbare.

To my band members I am humbled. I would also love to give all the credits to H-Metro and lastly but not least the man behind everything, Mr Tichaona Mukoshori alongside Seke Mutema Music Stable.

Special thanks to all who take their take their precious time listening to my music. I love you all.

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