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Rapper fuses seven languages in love song

Flexi J

Latwell Nyangu, H-Metro Reporter

Rapper Flexi J has used seven languages in his new love song titled Sthandwa Sami following the success of Jemedza which focused on child abuse

The Marondera based rapper collaborated with El Eli.

Flexo said the song talks about a man who is appreciating the nature of love.


“The man is appreciating love yet celebrating his relationship with his spouse.

“The song carries different languages including Shona, English, Ndebele, Zulu, Swahili, Xhosa, Chewa among others.

“The official video was launched on social media platforms, YouTube, Instagram and Facebook respectively on June 28, 2020.

“I involved several languages so as to reach out internationally, it’s also a way to appreciate different tribes and races across the globe.”

Flexi’s professional recording was in 2009 when he did a 12 track mixtape titled ‘Am here’ before doing a collabo album with Exile titled ‘Fresh from the diaper’ in 2012.


The rapper has been doing singles which include, ‘Zvebaccossi, Jack reverse, Shaker’ among others.

He also did a collaboration with Roki, Jemedza’ which was produced by Nyasha Timbe denouncing child abuse.