Mai Titi regrets early marriage

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Arron Nyamayaro, H-Metro Reporter

Comedienne Felistas “Mai TT” Murata says she regrets getting into marriage at a tender age saying it has negatively affected her life.

Mai Titi disclosed this on Sunday at her house where she was celebrating her 34th birthday along with her 15-year-old daughter Felisha’s.

She left guests in stitches saying her daughter is too beautiful that she at one time she wanted to go for DNA tests arguing that Felisha is too pretty to be her child.

“I was married at the age of 18 and this affected my life because I was not mature to handle marriage,” said Mai Titi.

“As I celebrate my life along with my daughter I decided to take this opportunity to launch ‘Felisha Beauty Products’ a beauty parlour for her to express my love and good wishes for her.

“She is too beautiful and has a better character than myself and is against zvekupengereka zvandinoita.

“I want to see her achieving her desires other than rushing into marriage like what I did.

“Early marriages must be discouraged for they expose girl child to all forms of abuses and such negatively affected my marriage and I do not want my daughters to fall in the same predicament.

“Felisha want to be a pilot and if that fails she wishes to be a lawyer and by launching this beauty palor for her I am clearing a better ground for her to start so that she would not see marriage as an achievement,” said Mai Titi.

Mai Titi took opportunity to prove to her guests that she made her name through gospel music before turning into comedy by performing three of her latest songs.

Her fans followed the birth day party live on her Facebook page and among other artistes performed included Brian K, Congolese singer Disolo and Selemani ‘Majuice’ Mpochi displayed his dancing antics soon after the cutting of the two cakes.