In the early 2000s, blockbuster songs, Jesu Inumber One and Mwari Anoziva, propelled gospel songstress Amanda Sagonda to stardom. But then she disappeared from the limelight for a lengthy period of time during which life happened. The musician, who did some internship under gospel legend Machanic Manyeruke back in the day, has five albums to her name: Ngatinamateyi (1999), Huyai Kwandiri (2001), Mwari Vanoziva (2003), Jesu Havakundikane (2005) and Danai Kwandiri (2014). She speaks to NewsDay Weekender Life & Style.


I should admit that the separation from my former husband, (Nyasha Machimbira), never affected me musically. We had our own differences and I believe walking away was a powerful tool to avoid destruction, pain and to fully maximise the potential in one.

Music career

It is not that I had completely left music, but my career was disturbed by my relocation to Chiredzi after getting married and poor marketing as well, but I was still ministering, especially in church.

New album

My upcoming album is loaded with personal life experiences which range from the death of my son Mandizodza, who passed on five days after birth to the divorce from my former husband. The album is full of emotions with tracks such as Anoramba Ari Mwari, Kumaziva Ndadzoka, Ndinoda Ndione, Havakoniwe, Ruoko RwaMwari, Hupenyu, Vanegumi Vasikana and Mwari Vasinga Nyadzise.
COVID-19 lockdown
“The new offering Mwari Vasinganyadzise was supposed to hit the market before the coronavirus lockdown, but as for now, I cannot really give the exact time. I can only guarantee my fans that as soon as the situation normalises, I will release it,” she said.