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Councillors denounces mob justice

Tawanda Mugove

Latwell Nyangu, H-Metro Reporter

Councillor for Rugare area Brian Mationa has urged residents not take the law into their hands.

This follows the death of one Tawanda “Motion” Mugove after a thorough beating over his thieving  acts.

In an interview, Cllr Mationa said:

“We might have issues in our community or those people who have criminal records or not behaving but to kill someone it’s not right.


“Let’s give the police vaite basa ravo not kuzvitongera because vanhu vano pedzana nekuurayana.

“Let’s educate our people kuti munhu akaparamhaka ngatipe mumaoko emapurisa, I condem that behavior ye kurova munhu kusvika afa,” he said.

In another interview, Member of Parliament for Southerton Constituency Peter Moyo said the deceased had a well-documented history but said his death is unfortunate.

“The incident was very unfortunate and regrettable. However, the man had a long history of house breaking and it’s well documented in our security systems, he also had a fight with the person whom he wanted to rob at 3am and as we speak the person is in Hospital at Sally Mugabe.

“My advice to the community is that when  you faced with such a threat to your life defend yourselves but refrain from killing, I know people were angry with the boy but let’s not kill each other, I know it was not done intentionally,” said Moyo.

He said he has been working with people from his constituency to help in reducing criminal activities and has since deployed neighbourhood watch in some of the suburbs in his area.