‘I was rapped as a child’

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…Gospel artiste reveals as she raises awareness on sexual abuse

Edwin Nhukarume, Entertainment Reporter

CHITUNGWIZA based gospel artiste Sandra Chirenje has revealed that she was sexually abused during her childhood days with a close relative.

Chirenje – now 37-years-old – could not report since her mother was silenced by close relatives for the purpose of maintaining relationships and uniting the family.

“I am a victim of rape. I was abused by a family member.

“Sadly someone who was supposed to be a protector took advantage of me.

“I was young, I could not report since my mom was told not to report because of the consequences that would come after that, like divisions in the family and being abandoned by relatives.

“And it pains me, but I am doing advocacy work on that,” said Chirenje.

Chirenje advised ladies that dressing can invite sexual abusers and most rapists are close associates.

She also said girls must speak out and report rape cases.

“Most rapists are persons who are close to us. Strangers are culprits too but on a thin margin.

“Be careful when you are with the opposite sex whether you are a boy or girl.

“Fashion is good but don’t you think it’s wise to cover up, and try by all means not to expose your body, especially girls.

“Never allow any one to touch you without your consent, above all when it happens report,” she told H-Metro.

Chirenje recently released a track specifically meant for awareness on sexual abuse titled Ndozvireva Chete accompanied by a video.

She said the track produced by Charles Ayibeki of Big Sound Studios is about her having the courage to speak out.

“It talks about a broken soul which was closed under, a soul that was burning from inside for a long period of time but now that soul is saying because I now can come out saying it out(Ndakuzvireva).

“I was told not to but now I’m saying it out,” she said.

Meanwhile, Chirenje is also an ambassador of Alive Albinism initiative, an organisation that helps people with albinism.

Chirenje has three albums to her credit, namely Ndamuwana Jesu (2013), Tichaivaka Chete (2015 ) and Shekinah (2018).

She has also done several singles.

Chirenje has worked with studios such as VOT Studio, Bishy Studio and Revival Studio.