Erick Knight to launch radio station

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VETERAN radio and TV presenter Erick “The General” Knight has disclosed that he is set to launch a radio station, Radio54 African Panorama Live, which will focus on Africa.


Knight told NewsDay Life & Style that the aim was to do away with polarisation in the media.

“It is purely an African radio station in the sense that we are going to play 100% African music and we are going to be holding interviews with African personalities, politicians, musicians, sportspeople, in fact, any African who has got a story to tell will have a piece of cake on this particular radio station. We will be broadcasting live on Facebook, via YouTube Live and will broadcast live via our website which is our home which is”, he said.

“People are tired of partisanship, people are tired of media polarisation, so I suppose we need something fresh and quite refreshing, that’s where Radio54 comes in.”

Knight said the radio station would broadcast in 54 languages.

“We will be broadcasting in any African language, hence we have our presenters scattered all over the world,” he said.

“The idea is to showcase the untapped talent in Africa because I believe Africa is blessed in terms of talent that has to be exposed to the world.”

He, however, said their long-term vision was to go terrestrial, starting off with Zimbabwe and South Africa.

“We are going to start on the website, the long-term vision is obviously to come up with a radio station that is terrestrial.We will engage governments of various African nations with the view of securing licenses and the immediate target is South Africa and Zimbabwe being our homeland of course and countries like Botswana where we have good representation in terms of personnel. This radio station is coming also hand in hand with a news site. Actually, I want to conveniently call it a magazine radio station in the sense that it’s not just about radio and listening to music, it’s a radio where everything is there, some news site and features and we will give coverage to any story that is relevant to Africa,” he added.

The station will include a star-studded team such as James Maridadi, Reason Wafawarova, Anne Nhira, Togarepi Chivaviro who will be hosting gospel shows together with Olinda Marowa and Pastor G.