Charamba talks miracles

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Rest Mutore, Sports Reporter
NGEZI Platinum forward Michael Charamba has described his recovery from a knee injury as a ‘scripted miracle’.
Charamba suffered a major knee injury against Chapungu in July 2019 and has been on the fringes working on his rehabilitation ever since.
Interestingly for the speedy attacker, he recovered way before the time frame that was set by the doctors.
He also revealed that he recovered so quick despite ‘dodging’ surgery process he was supposed to go through.
“I would describe my recovery as a miracle, a miracle that was scripted to go that way. I suffered the injury on my right leg last season and within a year I have managed to recover.
“This means I have managed to recover way before what was expected. I even didn’t go through the operation process but still made it. It was a fight with some frustrations but I believe God had a reason for everything that I went through,” said Charamba.
He said he has been using the lockdown period to his advantage and is taking his recovery step by step.
“While I felt like missing the first half of the season, came the lockdown, But the most important thing is I’m back at training. Of course it’s home training but I can feel that there is a lot of improvement.
“I revealed that I’m now training about a month ago and since then I haven’t been rushing myself. To me every step is important especially during this rehabilitation process. Now that we are under lockdown, I also used that to my advantage and continue working on my recovery path. That’s why I said it’s God’s plan and to me it is really a miracle that I am up running again given the injury that I suffered and the report that was given out then,” he said.
Charamba is aware of the challenge he will face to regain his starting position at Ngezi given that the ambitious club went on a spending spree during the transfer window.
However, what is important for him at the moment is to fully recover and see what the future holds for him.
“For now the focus is on the recovery which is going on very well. The hope is by the time the season starts I will be fully fit to hit the ground running.
“I think I will be fit and raring to go. The hope is to regain the form first and if God permits, the flanks will get busy again,” said Charamba.
Despite being on the sidelines by the time football was suspended, Charamba said life without football is unbearable.
“I am a footballer and whether I am playing or not, life without football is always boring and will never be the same. It has somehow worked to my advantage but to say I am enjoying it I would be lying.
“It is a difficult period for us but the good thing is we have adjusted and we are using that time wisely, spending time with family. The idea is also to observe all the measures that were put in place so that we can bounce back early,” he said.