Nyasha Kada, Entertainment Reporter

UK based young song bird, Lil Jam-real name Jamelia Sadiq- is doing the most during this current lockdown.

The eight year old singer, daughter to UK based deejay, Jah Hanief whose singing career came to the spotlight during this current lockdown has released her own clothing label.

The label called “LJ Wear” stands for her stage name “Lil Jam” and comes on t shirts, caps, shorts and tracksuits.

The clothing label was unveiled a few weeks ago thanks to her father Jah Hanief’s help.

Jah Hanief is the founder of JH Wear brand.

“We unveiled the Lil Jam clothing brand a few weeks ago.

“The lockdown has been a blessing for Lil Jam and I am really happy she Is doing the most with the ongoing lockdown.

” The clothing brand is just to support her just started music career so she becomes a visible brand.

“The label is already on sale and the young fans that relate to her music have been great support in purchasing the clothing label,” said Jah Hanief who is also her manager.

Lil Jam is currently riding high with song “Fresh on scene ” that also has a video.

The music video has aired on a number of TV channels.

The song has also got the attention of various radio stations as well as producers who want to remix it.

She also recently released a new song titled “Beep Beep.”