Ananya sits on top of the world

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Nyasha Kada, Entertainment Reporter

Songbird Ananya Kouds feels like she is sitting on top of the world following the success of her new song titled Marble Eyes.

The song, only released a few weeks ago, is currently topping the radio charts locally.

As of last weekend, the refreshing song is topping charts on Zi FM and Power FM whilst it’s on number seven on Star FM.

The song is also on rotation on South African radio stations as well playing on streaming platforms globally.

Accompanying the song is beautiful video that was shot in New York and the Bahamas.

The video is also expected to be showing on top music channels soon.

Speaking to H-H-Metro Ananya said:

“The success of the song is genuinely encouraging and I appreciate the support.

“It’s a really wonderful fluttery feeling but I’m well aware I got there because of supportive listeners.

“I really appreciate the support and I promise more good music is coming.”

Asked what inspired the song, Ananya said:

“A whirlwind relationship and the fear of falling back into it.”

Ananya who is also a fashion designer released her debut single titled After Taste last year.

She added that she is currently enjoying her musical journey.

“I’m enjoying the journey so far, getting to learn a lot as a budding artiste.

“I have had the experience of how they do things in New York and I believe that will contribute much to my art.

“I have been exposed to a lot of styles some of which I believe I can incorporate into my sound,” she said.