Chimbetu working on new album

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DENDERA musician Allan Chimbetu has revealed that soon after the death of his elder brother and Orchestra Dendera Kings leader Simon Chimbetu in 2005 the family and band almost ground to a halt.


In a wide-ranging interview with NewsDay Life & Style, Chimbetu, the band’s lead guitarist, said Simon’s death 15 years ago was a very big blow to the family and music fraternity.

“There were so many people who came from nowhere, ghosts and vampires, and some family advisers who claimed to have the family at heart intending to assist in solving problems, but they caused further disintegration,” he recalled.

“The people whom we trusted as the advisers led the family into disarray, but in the end we found our foot.”

The lead guitarist has been quiet since 2016 after releasing his last album dubbed Covenant.
Most of my time I will be busy in other parts of the country holding live shows. It is now difficult to rely on copy sales because of piracy.”

Chimbetu said he was currently working on his fifth album which would be launched soon.

“Initially I had composed 10 songs, but with the assistance of my crew we shall select eight tracks and then we will name the album and the tracks. The album is set to be released any time from now in this COVID-19-induced lockdown,” he said.

Chimbetu has four albums under his belt namely Sonny (2006), Professor (2007), Simukai (2009) and Covenant (2016).
Currently Orchestra Dendera Kings (Central Committee) has seven band members including Romeo Chiyangwa (bass), Julius Banda (rhythm), Itai Mawisire (drums), Raymond Munyukwi (vocals), Vincent Chinhoyi (vocals) and Enock Nachenga (vocals).