Blessing Malinganiza, Sports Reporter
ALEC Mudimu says he wanted to hit the ground running at his new team before football was put on hold due to Covid-19 outbreak
The Sherriff Triaspol defender’s team began training last week and he reckons life without football has been difficult.
“It’s great to be back at training and great to see that this is a starting progression as well around other parts of the world.
“The suspension of football was very difficult for me as I was hoping to hit the ground running and help my new team mates to a lot of success for the upcoming season.
“Nevertheless I’m grateful for everything and the suspension has given me a lot of time to start learning Russian the native language here and also working on my personal game so I’m more than ready when the games resume.
“Life without football has been difficult, I’m grateful to God for my family and friends.
“I’ve been able to spend a lot of time getting closer to God and also to spend time talking with closed loved ones too, and also reach out to have more time for my personal aspirations after my football career too.
“But please don’t get me wrong it’s also being very difficult for now because football is my life and without it has been a struggle,” he said.
The Warriors vice-captain says it has been amazing training with his team mates again after such a long time.
“As you would expect with individual training it’s a great opportunity to work of your personal game and become better in some key areas.
“But it’s very different from training with the rest of the team, as well as a togetherness, it’s difficult to build tactical awareness with the rest of the team and work on different things that you would normally do so for the season, so to build that again is difficult but rest assured good and much needed.
“Training with the team was amazing. You feel such a sense of togetherness and joy just being around team mates with everyone working extremely hard for our end goal,” he said.
He added that he feels ready to play and can’t wait for the season to resume.
“Of course I feel ready to play we’ve been working extremely hard for these scenarios just in case the league does resume and I feel we will be ready if that’s to happen.
“Training isn’t easy but we know when the league resumes it’ll be worth the efforts in wanting to win the championship amongst other things.
“So regardless the hard work I have strong feelings that we are all enjoying our time working,” he said.