Man exposes wife to sexual assault

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Zvikomborero Parafini, H-Metro Reporter

A Mbare man left his wife being sexually harassed in a bid to trap his friend who was making moves on her.

Costine Magurira, 46, failed to present himself on time to his unfaithful friend who was fondling his wife Lindiwe Dick, 45, after they had deceived him through text messages that he was going to have sex with her.

Lindiwe Dick

The unfaithful friend, Agrippa Boat Nyangumbe was caught in the crossfire after he professed love to his friend’s wife and in a bid to catch him red-handed, the couple responded to his love messages acting as if she was giving in.

On the day in question, Magurira pretended that he was travelling to his rural home in Buhera prompting Nyangumbe to go to the couple’s room at Shawasha flats intending to sleep with Magurira’s wife.

Caught pants down…Agrippa Boat Nyangumbe

“I spent the day hiding in the subdivided room waiting for Agrippa to come and be with my wife as promised, he later came around five pm carrying some goat meat and a quarter chicken, then my wife started cooking for him,” said Magurira.

“When he got home, I dismissed the children so that it would seem real that I wanted to have some time alone with him, and as I was cooking, he started fondling me promising me that he wanted to show me that he was a real man.

Costine Magurira

“He got comfortable and took of his clothes and was now attempting to take mine off, then I called out to my husband who was hiding to come and rescue me as he was now going too far,” said Dick.

When Dick called out to her husband who was hiding, all hell broke loose for Nyangumbe who was severely assaulted by Magurira and his counterparts who were also in hiding as the drama unfolded.


During the confrontation, Nyangumbe’s wife was called and she came from Epworth to see what her husband was up to and when she got there, she expressed shock and told the people that her husband wasn’t buying meat for his children and had supper with soya mince.

Agrippa and his wife at the scene