Well-wishers rescue Marabha

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Tafadzwa Zimoyo Senior Arts Reporter
Well-wishers came to the rescue of local comedian Charles “Marabha” Merisi whose pictures went viral on social media yesterday after his close associates announced that he was suffering from an undisclosed ailment. He was taken to Glenara Omega private hospital where his condition was reported to be stable . Results of his medical condition were expected last night.

Sources suspect that Marabha’s condition could have emanated from complications sustained from a recent incident when he was hit by a brick on the head during a scuffle with rank marshals in Epworth.

Signs of possible damage began showing when Marabha developed slurred speech and an unstable physical balance.

His close friend and fellow comedian Freddy “Kapfupi” Manjalima revealed the actor’s health woes in a social media post on Monday night.

Kapfupi refused to officially comment on the issue yesterday, but sources close to the development said well-wishers have come to Marabha’s rescue.

Already there is a “GoFundMe” campaign for the comedian that was established by some of his fans and people have started sending money through EcoCash.

A close source revealed that the comedian was taken to a private hospital by a well-wisher.

“A well-wisher saw images on social media and took him to a private hospital. Tests were conducted and results are yet to be released. However, I believe the physical complication could have been a result of a damage he suffered after when he was hit by a brick on the head. A doctor who attended to him at that time hinted that he could have trouble with his brains and nervous system,” said the source who commented on condition of anonymity.

Well-wishers that spoke about the musician’s condition said lack of communication among artistes could have worsened the situation.

“Marabha could have been assisted a long time ago if there was good communication among us. Imagine, we got to know about Marabha’s situation on social media, but we had some members from his team last week at a Covid-19 donation. We have a system and we would like to help everyone who is in need, but people tend to believe what they see on social media. Some people might have thought it was a social media skit when Marabha’s pictures were shown online. We need real communication skills among artists so that assistance is given where it is due,” said Patson “Chipaz” Chimbodza who is interim president of Music Promoters Association.

National Arts Council of Zimbabwe director Nicholas Moyo also said they got to know about Marabha’s condition through social media.

“No one contacted us but we only got to know about it from social media. We then decided to respond quickly, but we were told that one sponsor had taken him to hospital and we will notify you later on updates about his condition. We are waiting for the family to lead us so that we can know how best we can act upon his situation,” he said.

Show promoter Spencer “Boss Spencer” Madziya said they were deeply concerned about the welfare of artists and they will do their best to assist those in need.

“There is need to re-look at our policies and assist artistes in directing them to make good investments. We know that things can be hard and artistes should always try to make the best out of what we get in the industry. We should always work together to make sure that no one suffers. We should assist each other as artistes when we face problems,” he said.