Music lives deep within me: Ananya

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Ayana: Zim’s new song bird making waves

She is Zimbabwe’s new voice on the music scene and is already making waves with her new single “Marble Eyes.”

The refreshing single is already on the radio charts and is currently sitting on number one on Zi FM Steroe Top 40, number 11 on the Star FM Hitlist and recently entered the Power Hot 40.

Apart from music she also has a passion for fashion

H Metro’s Nyasha Kada (NK) caught up with Ayana Kouds (AK) for a one on one interview. Read more…

NK: Briefly tell us who Ayana is?

AK: I  was born and raised in Harare. At age fifteen, I moved to Europe to finish high school. I now live in New York City where I’m studying Fashion Design and am following my musical passion.

NK: When did you start music and what type of music do you sing?

AK: I started singing and playing the guitar when I was seven.

Recently, I’m really inspired by the contrasting subjects of melancholy and dance, and try to incorporate this idea in my sound.

NK: What have you released up to date and how has been your music journey so far?

AK: I released my first single titled Aftertaste in November 2019, and have recently released my second single Marble Eyes in April 2020. I am enjoying this journey, I feel really fortunate to be learning so much along the way as an emerging artist.

NK: How is it doing music in Europe compared to Zimbabwe?

AK: I think both these experiences have been incredibly valuable for my growth as an artist. Although music is accessible and within reach globally, there is an incomparable feeling when receiving support from fellow Zimbabweans.

NK: You studied fashion how has that been for you compared to music?

AK: Music and fashion come hand in hand. When I can, I try to incorporate my fashion into my music, and vice versa.

NK: How do you balance the two?

AK: I believe fashion is a way to express oneself, and therefore has the ability to create an unforgettable visual. Music communicates to each one of us on a cellular level and usually motivates us to deal with our emotions. It too is a significant tool to express oneself. Using fashion to support my identity as an artist greatly helps in balancing the two.

NK: Have you released your own designs as yet?

AK: Yes, I have a few garments complete as university assignments, and a few used for recent photoshoots. I so look forward to a collection in the future.

NK: If asked to choose between music and fashion which one would you go for?

AK: As much as I love and feel for fashion, music has my heart. Music lives deep within me, but am really grateful that music and fashion connect with each other. They intertwine beautifully.

NK: How far do u see yourself going with yo fashion designs?

AK: I hope that amongst all the music I will be able to apply my knowledge in fashion design. I’m really interested in sustainable fashion and hope that in the future we will be able to lean more toward conscious awareness in fashion.

NK: You also write and compose songs, what kind of songs do enjoy writing?

AK: Melancholic dance music

NK: Where do yo see your music and brand in the next five years.

AK: I haven’t put too much thought in the future, trying to make the most of the present moment is my key focus. I look forward to creating more music and sharing it with the world.

NK: How has your music been received here in Zimbabwe and abroad?

AK: I’m really grateful for all the support I’ve been receiving here at home. I never imagined my music would ever be played on my home radio and it still feels surreal. The songs have been received well abroad.

NK: What advice do you have for other young female artistes that want to start music?

AK: Women are stronger when they come together and lift each other up. Stay true to who you are and what you believe in. Understand that you’re able to achieve what you put time into, and what you’re passionate about. We often attract what we think. Attitude determines our altitude. And of course… always be kind and appreciate kindness. Its a rare commodity today.

NK: Where can people find your music?

AK: On all streaming services (Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music etc), as well as the Marble Eyes music video on YouTube.

NK: Your parting words?

AK: With a full Zimbabwean heart, I am humbled. Thank you for walking this journey with me.