…works on fitness in isolation

Blessing Malinganiza , Sports Reporter
Supersport United striker Evans Rusike says the ABSA suspension due to Covid19 has given him time to heal from injury.
Rusike has been out for some due to an injury.
Speaking to H-Metro from South Africa the Warriors star says lockdown says it’s been tough and has marked himself and his family safe.
“It has really been a very tough time indeed to experience such a serious attack but I am safe and exercising extra caution in keeping myself clean at all times.
“Me and my family are just adhering you the government social distancing rules and other precautionary measures we were told to do,” he said.
Rusike describes football as his life and says he is doing all he can to make sure that he recovers well during this period so that he can go back to playing.
“Football is my life and it’s an unusual space for all footballers in trying to keep fit physically and mentally but it has helped me recover from the injury although it was going to be a good thing to recover under the football environment.
“I’m still far away from fitness but I keep track with my personal programs in working out.
“I’m just doing all l can and putting an extra effort in making sure that l get 100 percent fit.
“It’s been quite a journey and l have been walking it what’s left for me is to get to the destination which is going back to playing because l miss playing,” he said.
He added:
“Before the season started I had a goal of being on top of the scoring chat and also have to win the league so it has pushed me back.
“But but I stay focused and never shift off my targets.”
Rusike also urged Zimbabweans to be safe , cherish the gift of life and not take it for granted and to exercise precautionary measures.
“Life is the greatest gift from God and I urge all Zimbabweans and the rest of the world to always stay hygiene , stay home and follow the rules set by our governments to fight this pandemic out of the picture.
“Life is a gift and so we should preserve it and do anything that will put you or your loved ones in danger,” he said