Chioniso Mashakada, Sports Reporter
Mighty Warriors and Black Rhinos Queens striker Felistus Muzongondi says she has adapted to lockdown.

“I have never experienced life without football, its very hard. I’m used to it now.

“I’m spending my time doing some workouts so as to mantain my fitness level.”

She said lockdown did not only affected her life but also her career.
“Lockdown has not only affected me but everyone in as much as football is concerned. We were about to start our league clubs had done pre-season training preparing for the league but it went the other way.

“If we have been playing I think the league should have been on another level because already there is competition now. Teams are developing to an extent that the 19-0 defeats are now the thing of the past.”

Muzongondi also urged the country to follow the lockdown rules as she believes that it’s a phase that is going to end,

“I urge fellow Zimbabweans to follow the prevention measures, lets listen to government instructions and stay home. Let’s practice self discipline above all lets keep on praying for with God nothing is impossible. It’s a phase which will end.” she said.