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CAPS United midfielder Ronald Chitiyo says he is struggling to cope with life without football.
Chitiyo, who bounced back last season after a long spell knee injury, said everything has changed since the suspension of football.
“I must admit that it’s no longer the same, we are used to playing football and training. This game is part of me, football is our life but we are only staying at home, no more running on the pitch,” said Chitiyo.
Rooney, as Chitiyo is being referred to in domestic football, is quite sure that this is the same feeling with a number of footballers.
“I believe it’s the same to most of us because we are all used to that. “Anyone can share the same story, we must admit it,” he said.
He, however, said there is nothing they can do but adhere to the regulations set to help fight coronavirus.
“But there is nothing we can do, it is a global situation and we have to obey the rules.
“Yes we have missed football but staying safe is more important, being healthy is more important at the moment. “We are doing everything to follow the rules, maintaining social distance.”
The former Dynamos player said despite the shift to the season, he is doing his best to keep fit.
“I usually train alone but also do check ups with others through our club social media platforms, the idea is to encourage each other especially during this difficult period,” said Chitiyo.
A number of coaches, including Chitiyo’s coach Darlington Dodo, have bemoaned the effects of Covid-19 in as far players’ fitness is concerned.
And Chitiyo shares the same sentiments saying they need to regroup and work hard when things return to normal.
He said what is needed is to keep training so that they have somewhere to start when they are allowed to return.