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…Bakeries battle to ‘rescue’ boy

…Family ready for early X-mas

Latwell Nyangu, H-Metro Reporter

A THREE-YEAR-OLD Chinhoyi boy who starred in a video clip complaining about over reliance on sweet potatoes diet has had his wish granted by several coporates.

The boy’s act appealing for bread brought cheer to social media users in lockdown.


In the video, the boy wanted a change of diet as he complained to his father over eating too much sweet potatoes (mbambaira).

“Haa mukundikuvadza nembambaira!” He says.

He urged his father to buy some bread for a change.

The video, which has since gone viral,  has touched hearts of many people with companies like Bakers Inn, Proton, ZimGold, Dairibord Zimbabwe Private Limited, Roil Cooking Oil and individuals pledging to assist him.

They promised to pamper the boy with a lot of gifts and food hampers.

Zoolian Karendo stays in Chikonohono with his parents and the aunt, Marry Karendo who is close to the boy.

In the video, his father posed a question to his eccentric Zoolian?

“Wati ndikukuvadza nechiiko inini?


He responded:

“Mukundikuvadza nembambaira imimi.”

He went on to pose another question asking him what he wanted.

And the boy responded saying:

“Tengai chingwa.”

In an EXCLUSIVE interview with H-Metro, Marry who shares the phone with the boy’s parents opened up on who this boy is.

“I am his aunt, sister to his father and we stay together at the same house with his parents.

“He is always like this, even kumba.


“People think his statements are too big for his age, and some think ndisu tomuudzira zvekuita.

“The boy is always funny, and musikanzwa ndopamusha payo manje.

“He likes fighting, and pane basa hombe chairo,” she said.

Marry said his name might be behind his character.

“Vanhu vanotomboti maybe zita raakapihwa nababa vake ndiro rinomupa musikanzwa kudaro because rinenge rakatorwa from mumafirimu imomu.

“But ini naye tiri mabest friends, towirirana manje,” she added.

The story to the boy stealing the limelight started when his father’s best friend recorded the video vachitotamba havo.

The voice behind the video is his father’s.

“His father was asking him whilst the friend was recording him before he later shared it and it then went viral.

Zoolian Karendo

“On the same day, he was eating sweet potatoes and the friend just thought of recording.

“Aitodya mbambaira musi iwowo,” said Marry.

Marry Karendo

Marry said following the video, she has been receiving several calls with different companies and individuals promising to shower the young boy with different groceries.

“After the video, takazongoona macalls kubva nezuro like, I received a call from Proton Bakers promising to come to our place.

“We are yet to see them here, they haven’t come here but we hope they are on their way.

“People have been looking for us since the circulation of the video,” she said.

Below are some of the pledges offered by companies  and individuals on their Twitter handles:

Bakers Inn – Sweet potatoes are only sweet for so long. Help us find this little gent, we have a sweet surprise for him. Retweet to spread the word! #BakersInnBread #SweetSurprise

ZimGold’s  – We have heard his cry. Akuvara ne mbambaira. Chingwa chaapihwa ne Proton chinoda margarine. We have decided to bless him with margarine.Let us keep him all cheered up by contiuning to like and retweeting timuvadze nezvinonaka!! #Zimgold #SweetSuprise #spreadthelove.

Good morning Royals – The Proton team is happy to let you know we found the boy he is From Chinhoyi and we got the link from one of ours here on Twitter maita basa


Dairibord Private Limited Zimbabwe

Chingwa chine margerine chinoda chine Quickbrew tea ine Dairibord Chimombe kuti zvinyatsoti dzika. Let us find this young man and give him the perfect breakfast.

#Dairibord #QuickbrewTea

#Chimombe #SweetSuprise

Roil Cooking Oil

We don’t know if you can fry sweet potatoes, but help us find this little man, we have a Cooling Oil hamper to make his breakfast a whole lot better, Kindly retweet so the little guy gets his hamper.