Pen more songs on COVID-19: Major

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Shingirirayi Mugodi, Entertainment Reporter

Canada based rapper Malcom “Major” Viriri says artistes should write more songs creating awareness against Covid-19.

Malcom, who is the co-founder of the newly formed social media networking platform Zim Youth Connect together with Mike Taurai, Imbayarwo Viriri and Ngoni Mashoko said it as high time Zimdancehall artistes played their part.

“Artistes need to put pen to paper and compose songs that reminds us of how serious this virus is.

“There should also be campaigns done for safe practices.

“It is high time the Zim dancehall artistes channelled their expertise to something as serious as this,” he said.

Major also urged people with symptoms to get tested of Coronavirus.

“People need to get tested and quarantined if found positive.

“Also there is need to of distancing yourself from other and also large gatherings should be discouraged.

“Closing borders should be considered an option if cases continue to rise but as for now we seem to be sailing safe,” Malcom told H-Metro.

Asked what they were doing to promote awareness against the spread of Covid-19 as Zim Youth Connect, Malcom said:

“Covid-19 is a major threat around the world and we are taking it very serious and as Zim Youth Connect this is going to be the platform for us youth around the world to share ideas and experiences we are facing in different regions.

“We are sharing bulletins of how best to prevent the disease the dos and don’ts.

“Also, we are sharing information on stigmatization, segregation in different parts of the world and how best to resolve it,” he said.

Major said they are planning to unite Zim Youth Connect members across the globe by laying solid foundations.

“We want to create a bigger and more solid network of Zim Youth Connect across the globe.

“We also are aiming at identifying youth champions that will bring sound ideas.

“One of our plans also is to speak as one against bullying everywhere,” he told H-Metro.

Asked what Zim Youth Connect targets, visions and areas that needed addressing Major said:

“We aiming on boosting our social status, ensuring that students get a chance to study abroad, uplifting the Arts sector, politics and also teaching leadership skills.

“We want to make sure that we produce outstanding Politicians, engineers, tradesmen, doctors and aspired youths with hope for Zimbabwe.”

He also enlightened would-be members on the benefits of of joining their networking platform.

“This gives you an opportunity to participate in debates that shape our future as young Zimbabweans.

“This network belongs to us only, it belongs to every member, administrators and moderators will be annually appointed or voted in,” he said.

Asked what role the youth can play in the development of Zimbabwe, Major added:

“We are the future leaders and we have a significant role and clear agenda and if we do not determine our own destiny then we are doomed.

“As youth we need to stand up and be a voice that voices with a reason.

“We as youths feel that we will always be stuck in one position of poverty for decades if we do not change our ways of thinking and starting to take the lead.

“The world has transformed, our elders with all due respect, need to realize and accept that.”

Major said they are planning to open other chapters in other countries since the current Zim Youth Connect is made up of lads in diaspora.

“Yes, we are launching Zim Youth Connect Global.

“The launch will then ensure the coming out of subsidiaries all over the world in places such as UK, SA, Canada, USA, Australia, China and also Cyprus among others, so definitely all countries will be represented,” he said.