Madiz bemoans failure to marry

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RHUMBA musician Itai “Madiz” Madzikura has opened up on his struggles to find a woman to settle down with as most women he approached viewed musicians as womanisers.


The 36-year-old Kazeveve hitmaker said bachelorhood was not easy and he was hoping to find a woman to settle down with soon.

“I am failing to marry because all the ladies I am asking out assume musicians are womanisers and no woman is willing to accept my hand in marriage although I feel now that I have surpassed the bachelorhood age,” lamented Madiz.

“It is painful to note that musicians, footballers, bar attendants, truck drivers and vendors are classified in the category of people with loose morals, hence finding a life partner becomes a gigantic task.”

The former Repainters church group singer relocated to Botswana in search of greener pastures and worked there as a gardener before coming back home to venture into music.

Madiz started his music career in 2010 and released his debut album, Rhumba Plus, which carried the hit song Kazeveve.

Madiz has three albums to his name including Bluetooth and Chamhamha and is currently working on his fourth offering. The artiste said he was currently conducting shows in Harare but his desire was to embark on a national tour to market his music.