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Dressing for the red carpet


AWARDS season offer artists from various disciplines the opportunity to celebrate the arts industry’s greatest talents, but for fashionistas, the promise of a stretch-of-scarlet-coloured, flash-bulb-lit-flooring is where the allure really lies.

We are, of course, talking about the most glamorous place in the world — the red carpet! But have Zimbabwean entertainers lived up to its standards?

Netherlands-based Zimbabwean artiste, Vimbai Zimuto, who stole the glamour at the red carpet award event held earlier this year, believes the way artistes dress up for awards ceremonies was very important.

“Awards ceremonies are very important to an artist — numbers, attention, branding, value and, most of all, they have the power to increase sales for any company or artist involved. The fact that the whole country is watching, yes believe me even those with no interest will also be watching, they end up on your wall trying to figure out what exactly you do,” she said.


Zimuto urged fashion designers to take over the red carpet which can help in boosting the fashion industry of Zimbabwe.

“We have a lot of fashionistas in Zimbabwe who are only stuck in the modelling world while they can also show their skills on the red carpet. We have the Louis Vuitton of Zimbabwe to an extent that we don’t even need Louis,” she said.

“These guys can make magical red carpet regalia given the light of day which can also boost the fashion industry of Zimbabwe when their gowns are marketed on the red carpet. A musician does not have to do everything alone, so fashion designers should come in to make us look international because a local red carpet is their key to the world red carpet too.”

Fashion stylists from around the world have made red carpet moments come together profoundly as they take the initiative to dress different artists for the night which only a few stylists in Zimbabwe like JanJam have adopted.

On the Zima and Star FM awards, a number of artistes seemed to be adapting to the style of glitz and glam as the red carpet was amaze-balls, with dazzling gown, different textures, silhouettes and colour combinations.

However, other individuals might still need lessons before we go for tonight’s extraordinary awards as they might show up in the wrong outfit.