I deserve love: First Farai

First Farai

Trust Khosa, Assistant News Editor

FIRST Farai reckons he deserves true love when he takes on fans in the rural and urban areas.

The Hurudza Express leader, who now appeals more in remote areas, says he was comfortable with the new stance he has taken.

He however said he would not forsake his fans in the urban areas.

The energetic prince of sungura, who prefers holding shows in the rural areas, said fans Ekhaya and “the back of beyond” have been showering him with true love.


“Of course I am currently doing my errands at the farm to sustain my family but I don’t forget the genuine love I get from fans in the rural areas where we are confined most of the time,”  said the burly singer.

He said he was earning more in the rural areas where fans are entertainment starved.

“Of course they might be starved of entertainment but we will continue serving them.

“As such, I will be travelling to Mbwerengwa and  Filabusi for two shows this weekend.

“On Friday, I will be performing at Club 727 before another show on Saturday at Donhodzo Nite Club in Mberengwa.

“By the way, I was once injured in Mberengwa when I held a sold out gig and I was never bothered by the injury after fans pushed the speakers with ecstasy.

“Now that I am returning to Mberengwa, I still have fond memories of what transpired when I once visited.

“I do promise to do my best an artiste and we will continue doing our best,” he said.

Buoyed by the success of his 17th album Dzinodhonza Ngoro released  last year, the Chinhoyi bred singer said he was determined to work hard  and  fend for his family.

Besides Dzinodhonza, he also boasts of other albums like Chandengenda – Earthquake released last year, Zvandakuitirai Izvi (2002), Zvipo Netariro (2003), Maximum Voltage (2005), Tiritose Mundima Machinda (2006), Mbanga Mbanga (2007/8), Ngingo Ngingo (2009), Dinga Tinga Experience (2010), Huhwada Experience (2011), Pahasha Love Market (2013) and Mukonon’ono released in 2015.


He also married to Liliosa Kaputa and the couple is blessed with three children Kirk, Kayla and Kiara.

Besides music, he doubles as a farmer in Mash West even though the going is now tough.

First Farai brags he has acquired a lot throhg music.

He is on record having told this publication that he has managed achieve fame, good family, build two houses in Chinhoyi and also developing another one in Chitungwiza

He also own a farm called Fox Farm in Mhangura he specialises on soya beans, maize and potatoes among other crops.