Rapper Zonke’s defining moment

Craig Zonke

Mathew Masingle, Entertainment Reporter

Rapper Craig Zonke feels he has hit the right chords with his debut album, which he has set as a defining moment for his career.

The singer’s refreshing five-track project titled Gospel Remedy is already making waves in hip-hop circles.

He feels his background as a member of the apostolic sect has helped in shaping him on and off the stage.

“Most of the songs on the album already have a decent following and as an upcoming artiste, I am happy the fans have received my first project well.


“I am inspired by a few like Mudiwa, Stunner and Roki who came before me and whose works contributed immensely to how I chose my career path,” he said.

The 23-year-old entertainer who is also a member of Mambo Dhuterere’s church says he is following in the footsteps of the music star.

“The modern world now requires musicians with exceptional skills to get their music out to an audience.

“I am a member of the St Johns Apostolic Church of the Whole World together with Mambo Dhuterere who has been a great inspiration.

“I am taking the chance to preach the word of God to the growing generation,” he added.

He says his church is supportive of his art.

“My church has been supportive of what I do and I am not just doing music for the sake of it, I sing because I feel my peers need to know what God is saying about them.

“I also chose the genre since it is aligned to most young people who follow trends on the global stage which I also feel I can reach to increase my audience,” he said.

Songs on the album include Ishe Ndinotenda, Hallelujah, Komborera, Thank You Lord and My Life.

Craig Zonke has also released an accompanying video for one of his song Ishe Ndotenda which is doing well.