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Bustop TV skit mocks constitutional amendments


LOCAL film producer Bustop TV has released a hilarious skit titled Kutsotsonya Constitution in which the comedians mock the Zanu PF government’s bid to amend the country’s governance charter through Constitutional Amendment No 2.

The comedians, Gonyeti and Derick Nzwiyakwi, also touch on recent trending news including former Zanu PF MP Terrence Mukupe’s claims that Malawian prophet Shepherd Bushiri bedded his wife, musician Rachael J, a senior politician running out of a maize field after being caught pants down with a girlfriend and Passion Java’s recent video speaking in “tongues”, including the word kutsotsonya.

The comedians show how government is treating the Constitution like a torn shirt that is sewn up over and over again by anyone who felt like.

Although Gonyeti welcomes the suggestion to legalise “small houses” — which she says will allow the man and the woman to go out and sleep with who they want and then come back together — Nzwiyakwi tears into the practice.


“The country is all gone, all that we are left with is the Constitution so they should not tamper with it,” he says in the clip, which was done in Shona.

Speaking to NewsDay life & Style yesterday, Bustop TV co-founder, Lucky Aaroni said the skit was meant to ensure that people were aware of the constitutional amendment and encourage them to take part in directing the process.

“We were trying to raise the issue of the constitutional amendment and making sure that citizens are aware of the process and they should take part in the process and humour is the way to make such important messages go to the people and allow citizens to react,” he said.

“Based on the comment section, the citizens have confirmed that they are now aware of this process and what it means which is what we aim to achieve in our comedy skits.”

The skit satirically addressed the issue of the continuous amending of the Constitution.

It generated lively debate on social media platforms, with users accusing the government of amending the Constitution without consulting the people.