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Passion Ginimbi faceoff

H-Metro Reporter

The cold war between controversial prophet, Passion Java and controversial businessman Genius ‘Ginimbi’ Kadungure has come out on the public domain following video clips of the two insulting each other over wealth which are circulating on social media.

The bad blood between the two public figures became public knowledge after Ginimbi featured in a video clip where he was showing off his latest car to a group of friends who were showering him with praise. In the video one of Ginimbi’s friends went on to compare him (Ginimbi) to Passion but Ginimbi responded by ridiculing Passion as a poor man who shows off with hired things.

Passion haana kana cent, anoshaina nezvinhu zveku hire,” said Genius telling his friend.

This did not go down well with Passion who then responded to Ginimbi’s insults. Passion poked fun at Genius’ looks and went on to claim that Genius got the stand for his house in Domboshava for free.


Unofamba uchiti handina mari asi hatirambe kuti une face yakafonyoka and land yako yakachekwa mahara nasabhuku hatirambe izvozvo but haikona ku saiza vamwe ndinokutsotsonya,” he said.

The beef between the two is rumoured to have started a year ago when Passion insulted Genius for staying in Domboshava, on that clip Genius did not respond.

Meanwhile, Pastor Jairos Rusike of Word In You Ministries had no kind words for Passion, he described Passion  as a disgrace to the body of Christ.

“I watched the video you’re talking about and it is surprising that you’re even referring to him as a prophet, that young man is a disgrace to the body of Christ, I know of heathens who behave better than him.

“I am aware he has a big following but I wonder what his followers say when they see him doing such things, I hope he will stop calling himself prophet and choose another title that suits him,” he said.

However, Prophet Terrence Vusa of Christ Center Ministries said Passion’s response to Genius was good.

“I think Prophet Passion did the right thing by responding to Genius because there are a lot of people out there who think they can take advantage of a man of God by insulting them for no reason.

“Genius started this so there was no way prophet Passion was just supposed to look whilst he was being insulted like that, being a Christian does not mean you have to be bullied,” he said.