Tell me where I have sinned: Daisy

Trust Khosa, Assistant News Editor

DEPARTED crooner Oliver “Tuku” Mtukudzi says she is being demonised for the things she does not know.

Daisy, who is believed to be at loggerheads with Tuku’s children, said she has no control over what the late national hero planned his life.

“Oliver planned his life and it was up to him to correct some of the so-called mistakes when he was still alive,

“To be honest with you, I am just doing what my late husband taught.


“Legally, I am the only widow who is recognised  and it’s up to the people to make their judgement.

“I have been called names but no one has asked me to here my side  and I wont beg people to do so,” she said.

Daisy who said she has been visiting her homestead once a month expressed her disappointment over state of affairs at her Madziva homestead where Tuku was laid to rest.

“Of course I come here regularly but to be honest with you some of the things are not okay.

“This yard used to be evergreen with farm produce  and when I look around at the foul run, I almost shed tears.

“We used to keep chickens here but at the moment there nothing.

“As a mother, I will do my best  and ensure that we bring everything to normal.”

Asked how she was managing, Daisy added:


“I pray a lot even though people portray me in bad light.

“I have realised that it high time I focus on my life,” she added.