GREETINGS H-Metro readers and fun loving people.

It’s quite an honour contributing to this column in my own capacity as an upcoming mbira prayer who was largely inspired by both the departed and living legends.

Although many in my circles know me by my moniker Mandy, I can safely say I am still new and willing to learn from the best.

I’m writing in my own capacity as a songwriter, composer and choreographer.

To find own more about my own vision and future plans, read on…



My name is Amanda Tariro Muparuri.

I was born on the 1st of May 1998 at Edith Opperman in Mbare, Harare.

I’m the second born in a family of three – two girls and a boy.

My father Palm Muparuri is now late while the mother Estella Banda is still alive.

I attended Glen View 3 Primary School Harare.

For my secondary education, I attended Marlborough High and Parkingson High in Gweru.

At Ordinary Level, I attained eight subjects namely Mathematics, English Language, Integrated Science, Commerce, Religious Studies, Food and Nutrition (practical), Geography and History.

I could not proceed to A Level after failing to raise funds for my schools fees.


I am a full time musician and have passion for the constructing industry as a painter.

As a musician, I can play nyonga nyonga mbira (thumb piano) and hand rattles (hosho).

Besides playing mbira, I also play reggae and Afro pop which makes me a versatile artiste.


My passion for music was noticed by my aunt Lucia Chirara when  I was only five.

Then, I used to sing AFM Church hymns before bedtime and she told me that music was my calling.

As a young girl, I was shy that I could not sing in front of congregants.

I only joined the choir beginning of this year after being persuaded by my mother.

To date, I have released eight singles namely Musandipeputse, Jojo, Man Down (Rihanna’s Shona Cover), Amai, Hello, Parere Moyo and Dai Zvaibvira.

I have done a number of collaborations with other upcoming artistes like Sarchie on the song Hello,  Zim Hip Hop artiste The Kid Verse, Sturdyman (Parare Moyo).


Currently, I am working on an EP.

I will only release an album next year since I am concentrating on my EP and visuals for my singles.


As an artiste, I would like to put Zimbabwe music on the international market.

To ensure that I put Zimbabwean music on the international scene, I am going to sing in my mother language as well as producing world class videos.

I have already started my ground work and I hope to do well.


To play mbira, I was inspired by Hope Masike  and the late Chiwoniso Maraire.

Unfortunately, I could not meet her when she was still alive.

She died when I was still in Form 3 but she still remains my source of inspiration.

I like her voice and she has vastly toured the world promoting Zimbabwean music.

During live shows, I do play her cover versions.


Playing an acoustic guitar is one of my wishes  and I have since started lessons.

A good friend called Morgan  is teaching me the chords.

Another wish is to have a clean Class 2 Drivers Licence  as well as owning a car.



Lack of funds to record both videos and audios has been my biggest letdown.

I have a lot of unrecorded stuff which I am yet to record due to lack of fans.


In our industry, there are some perverts who pester female artistes demanding sexual favours.

The problem has been there since time immemorial but what is important is to have self-control.

When I encounter the same problem, I don’t give in because I know there are genuine people who are ready to help.

Professionalism has taken me this far and I would not use short-cuts to make it to the top.


Currently, I am working under the Seke Mutema Music Stable under the aegis of Tich Mushokori.

I joined his stable in December last year when I was introduced to him by Star FM presenter, DJ Mbale.

I met DJ Mbale during the Ndipe Mic Session Shoot hosted by Zim Celebs  and he recommended me to Mr Mushokori who took me on board.

Under his management, a lot has changed since he is sponsoring my studio recording be it videos or visuals.

I am no longer doing a lot on my own since he is assisting me to run my business affairs.

He is also helping me to set up a strong live band  and we are using the name The Future.


Besides music, I also tried my hand in construction as a painter.

I acquired the skills at Girls Legacy which works with orphaned girls where we were taught life skills.

I opted for painting to prove to the world that ladies can also do what men can do.

It’s another skill I don’t regret to have acquired since I can supplement my earning out of it.


As for my love life, I am still single.

At the moment, I am really focused on my music and I will only date when the right time comes.


Besides music, I’m back in school to ensure I have a fallback plan when my career take a nose dive.

I recently enrolled at the University of Zimbabwe when I am studying towards a National Certificate in Tourism and Hospitality.

It runs for eight months and I hope I will graduate with flying colours.


Regarding my happiest  was when my mother gave me the greenlight to sing.

I was 18 years old when my mother blessed my musical career.

All along, she was against it since she wanted me to concentrate on my studies.

She only blessed me after she realised the potential that I had as an artiste.


Like any other person, I had embarrassing moments, though on a lighter note.

I once fell off a bike at Glen View 1 Shops in broad daylight.

People gathered at the scene with some laughing at me while others comforted me.

Each time I remember the incident, I laugh at myself.


On a parting shot, I would like to thank my mum, sponsors and  manager Mr Tich Mushokori  as well as my fans.

I also want to thank my producers namely Big J, Bleq Boi, Bernito among others.

I thank you!

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