Tafadzwa Zimoyo Fashion 263
Happy belated Valentine’s Day . . . I hope you made yesterday  count, celebrating with others but remember, love is not only for Valentine’s Day. As always fashion ruled the day.

Some decided to paint the town red and black with their trending attires while others decided to be subtle preferring to wear  other colours and blending them with red accessories.

The challenge was that the day fell on a day when most people were busy winding up for the week. Still others were shutting down for weekend agendas.

As a result, some ended up deciding to celebrate Valentine’s Day today by going on a weekend date.

Dressing up for a date is a bit tricky because one may dress to impress and yet sometimes one may end up sending wrong signals.

Still in the mood of celebrating Valentines’ Day — red is considered the colour of love and passion so it is definitely an obvious choice if you are choosing how to dress for post Valentine’s Day.

There is a shade of red that will suit all skin tones whether you opt for a shade which has more orange or blue in its mix.

For a more romantic feel, ladies can add a touch of pink to their outfit or just wear any colour which makes them feel great!

I always think Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to wear tactile fabrics such as silk or satin, or to choose chiffon.

If you still have to decide on a red dress, then,  that dress should be your number one option to look for

Certainly, when you do not normally wear dresses, that makes it extra special!

Make sure you have something that highlights your body, making you look like a model.

Don’t be afraid to show off some of your curves and be proud of them!

Be guided, it is leap year,  so, women take lead.

By the way, men love women who are confident about their bodies but that does not mean you have to go ultra-short or ultra-tight.

Simply choose a dress which shows off the part of you that you like best, be it your shoulders, neck or your legs.

For gentlemen, I know most are not ready or were not prepared for the date fashion.

Whether you were or still are to take your wife or girlfriend out for something traditional hoping to give a budding relationship and extra burst of romance, or just stepping out solo in style, going on a date is a day to look your best.

A lot of guys dragged their heels yesterday at the idea of having to do something special for Valentine’s Day.

Don’t be one of them.

In your love life, just as in your professional life, you have to dress for success if you want to have any.

And guess what, there are some powerful, scientifically tested reasons by RealMenFashion, that dressing sharp will make your date more fun for you — and for your partner!

1: Dress like a gentleman, behave like a gentleman

Never underestimate the talisman effect, or in scientific circles what is known as Enclothed Cognition. Our sense of “self” is deeply embedded not just in our minds but also in our bodies.

2: You’ll be perceived by

others as a gentleman

If dressing nicely can make you more charming and debonair, what will it do to the people around you?

Turns out it has a similar effect. We see nice clothes like jackets and dress slacks as social cues for “successful” and “respectable.”

When people see those cues on you, their brains automatically associate the qualities with the man in the clothes, too.

That tends to make people more respectful, and also makes them interpret your behaviour more positively.

A polite request (a table near the band at a club, say) will sound good-natured and reasonable from a well-dressed man, but pushy and presumptuous from an under-dressed one.

3: You’ll look more attractive and increase your confidence

Is it a stretch to say that a good suit or sport jacket is “confident”?

Not if you understand that it signals health, strength, and exaggerates any man’s natural masculine traits.

Well enjoy the dates.

So earlier this week we saw some of the Zimbabwean cricket team players in nice suits at a local hotel.

Was that another flashmob though? No, they were dressed by 4May International, the popular trend men shop where they posed for photographs ahead of their Bangladesh tourney.

The gents looked wow in the sleek suits.

We wonder what was going on, but hey, the guys have caused a stir on social media!!

Wish you the best in your tourney.