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Blessing Malinganiza, Sports Reporter

Warriors coach Zdravko Logarušić admits he has tough assignment but believes he is the right man for the job.

Speaking at   his unveiling as the head coach in the capital yesterday Loga as he is now known  said he is no ‘Messiah’ but will do his best.

“I’ve spent my last 10 years in Africa and to be successful in Africa and to be successful first you have to respect the people, culture, their way of living, to respect how they are suffering in their lives and if you can do that you can work with them.

“I’m not Messiah I don’t know everything, I have something buy I have to take the best from you and we can put it together to create something.

“I’ve been coach for about 15 years and I’ve been through different divisions and I was learning something which made me be the coach.

“I will not talk much but you will see how I talk in the field because the players play in the signature of the coach, “he said.

As Warriors prepare for their back to back encounter against Algeria in the AFCON qualifiers, Loga considers himself lucky since most players are in action.

He said that Zimbabwe has a chance to qualify for both the 2021 AFCON Finals and 2022 FIFA World Cup as it has the quality players who are regulars at their clubs.

“I’m lucky and I think God is protecting me because most Zimbabwean players are in Europe and in South Africa, the play competitive games and most of them are the right age to play nice football.

“Now we just have to put everything together to create a good team, give me time I’m not a magician I’m just a coach and I will do it to make you happy.

“I will do it for myself and I’m on the right place to make success. I made mistakes in my career but I’m still learning, “he said.

Why he chose the Warriors, he said.

“I checked about Zimbabwe the place, the players and history and I couldn’t see the reason I shouldn’t come especially because of the players.

“You hear coaches who put money first but you can lose something on the small bridge but can get something bigger.

“It’s a challenge check national team players and I’m just really excited to start and I know I can do it, “he said.

The 55-year-old has asked for everyone support to achieve greater results.

“I want to thank the federation for the opportunity to be the head coach and I know to do this job L need proper support from technical support, players and the federation and the media.

“If we can support each other we can do it, not caring who is Algeria or Ghana.

“About Zimbabwe I have been following most of the news and players and some journalists. I tried to get as much information so that I can easily adapt here.

“And I’m happy for this opportunity and I will not disappoint and also don’t disappoint me,” he said.

Loga had been reported to have been fired from Sudan where he was the head coach but he denied those reports.

“I wasn’t fired, I worked till my contract expired. I don’t know where you got that information.

“We had a good relationship and when the time to say goodbye came, we did that, “he said.