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Gwanzura turned into maize field

A maize field inside the perimeter of Gwanzura

Desmond Munemo, H-Metro Reporter

Hopes of football romance at Gwanzura Stadium seem bleak as the football pitch has been turned into a maize field.

A maize field inside the perimeter of Gwanzura

The stadium has also been used as a lavatory, and love nest with unusable toilets, and dilapidated infrastructure a common site.


Rundown toilets at Gwanzura

H-Metro crew toured Gwanzura stadium in Highfield suburb yesterday, a venue once cherished by local football fans, and, on entering, discovered maize fields inside the perimeter, behind the terraces.

Furthermore, this crew discovered rundown toilets, which have become dumping sites, and a deplorable sight of rain pouring down through roof leaks in the changing rooms, while electrical sockets, urinaries and sinks were all in bad state.

In addition, grass has grown all over the terraces.

A vendor trading nearby who preferred anonymity said the stadium has become a love nest during the night as the gate is sometimes left open.

“We just see people going inside the stadium, ko vanenge vachiitei kusina bhora, and mukauya manheru munoonerera nekuti pane varikuita misha imomo,” she explained.


The current state of changing rooms

It could not be established what council has planned for the stadium, but it looks obvious that it will not be ready for Premiership games in time for the start of the new season.

The field

The terraces