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UK based Zimbabwean wheel-spinner DJ Mel has made an impression in the male-dominated field.

The entertainer, who lives in Sheffield, has been in the game for seven years on a professional basis.

H-Metro reporter Desmond Munemo DM spoke to the versatile wheel-spinner from her UK base. Read on…

DM: Tell us about yourself?

DJ Mel: My real name is Mellany Nhau.

I was born and bred in Chipinge, and have been staying in the United Kingdom since 2000.

I am a mother of two children, a qualified community youth worker also working as an intervention worker for the local authority and have been a DJ since 2013.

DM: Tell us about your DJ experiences?

DJ Mel: Currently, I am doing countless gigs which include baby showers, bridal showers, birthdays, graduation parties, weddings, award ceremonies, charity events, gospel concerts and other various gatherings.

DM: What have you achieved so far?

DJ Mel: Last year, I was one of the outstanding female DJs to tour the UK’s biggest music shows and I have worked alongside some of the UK promoters that is Phab Entertainment, Y2K Entertainment Promotions, Ghetto Fabulous Promotion, New Generation Entertainment and Maddunit Entertainment.

I am also a co-founder of the Divine House Women (DHW) organisation, a women’s international organisation focusing on issues that affect women in their everyday lives.

DM:  How are you surviving the male dominated industry?

DJ Mel: It’s not been easy I must say I feel we are under-represented and stereotyped most of the time, so we have to work harder to get to a stage where we are recognised and respected.

Most people think female DJs only play at women’s events such as baby and wedding showers.

What worked for me was to keep going and never give up.

I face so many challenges but my goal is to stay focused and keep pushing.

To survive you have to be confident because there are many other hurdles female DJs have to face.

My hard work seems to be paying off and I am someone who does not give up easily or get easily discouraged.

DM: What is your take on the Zimbabwean Dj industry?

DJ Mel: There is so much talent in the Zim Dj industry and I think they are overlooked a lot and yet they play a crucial role in entertainment. They need to be given a platform to showcase their talents at local events.

My upcoming project  of mentoring aspiring female DJ’s as well as  working  with upcoming female artists in Zim will make a difference  and help shine a light on their talents as I intend to assist them achieve their full potential in the music industry.

DM: how did you come about becoming a DJ?

DJ Mel: My passion for music pushed me to become a DJ.

In 2013 i saw a gap in lack of female DJ’s in this industry after attending women only events that had male dj’s.

That motivated me to do something about it.

I started off playing for family and friends to gain confidence and by getting so much positive feedback I began taking bookings all over UK and never regretted doing so.

DM: How are you balancing family and DJ?

DJ Mel: Balancing family and DJ can be challenging at times especially because of the nature of the job being mostly weekends and night time.

I also have to drive long distances to events as well but I have been managing well with the support of my family and friends.

I do however ensure I have free weekends set aside to spend time with my family.

DM: What is the feeling after being nominated for DJs awards in UK?

DJ Mel: I am ecstatic especially because of the caliber of the female DJs nominated.

They are women that I respect and admire and I have enjoyed collaborating with some of them.

It’s good to know that the work i am doing is being recognised and i can share my passion for music with others.

DM: Thank you for your time DJ Mel.

DJ Mel: You are most welcome.